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Smartinvestor.in brought to you by Business Standard Private Ltd, which publishes the leading Indian business newspaper, Business Standard (business-standard.com).

smartinvestor.in is a special service introduced for investors who can get the latest business/market information and analysis, as well as use a range of tools for their own investment analysis, and finally trade through the site with a seamless link to kotaksecurities.com.

This service comes to you from Business Standard Ltd, which has an established reputation for providing reliable and high-quality business information and commentary, as seen in its other offerings: the daily Business Standard, which is published in both English and Hindi from 14 centres and eight centres across India respectively. Between them, the two newspapers sell more than 200,000 copies daily.

The contents of the English newspaper can be accessed at business-standard.com, and the Hindi paper at bshindi.com. The English paper is also available as an e-paper.

Business Standard stands for journalism that is rooted in professionalism and ethical conduct, both defined by asacrosanct bond with the reader. Its reporting stresses accuracy and perspective, while its editorial comment seeks to be informed, independent and fair. All Business Standard journalists sign on to a code of conduct that is available on this website; the paper also has a clear corrections policy. .

The 230-person editorial team is led by the editor, AK Bhattacharya.

In addition to its two newspapers, BSL publishes a monthly magazine (Indian Management), as well as a quarterly (Asian Management Review). The company also has a books division, which publishes books under the BS Books imprint. BSL's website properties include bshindi.com, bsmotoring.com, and smartinvestor.in.

Business Standard Private Limited is run under the supervision of its board of directors, with TN Ninan (a former editor of the newspaper and perhaps India's best known business journalist) as chairman.

The editorial team at business-standard.com is led by Niraj Bhatt, who can be contacted at niraj.bhatt@bsmail.in. For business enquiries, please contact Shailendra Kalelkar at shailendra.kalelkar@bsmail.in..

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