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  • 18 Nov 14
    06:52 PM
    Recently, an account holder with a public sector bank found that his debit card was compromised. Transactions were made using his debit card although it was in his possession.
  • 03 Nov 14
    03:29 AM
    In 2013, an Assocham survey in Ahmedabad revealed a very telling figure - about 90 per cent of the people in the city did not have a corpus to deal with emergency situations like a job loss, delay in income, death or medical emergency in the family.
    03:27 AM
    Warren Buffett once described value investing in the simplest terms as "buying a business for less than its worth". Unfortunately, situations of clear under-valuation don't arise all that often.
  • 27 Oct 14
    02:28 AM
    Regulatory woes are as big a problem for investors as for companies because it is difficult to decide on investments in these firms.
    02:27 AM
    Diwali is as good a time as any to take stock of annual portfolio performance and to consider changes in asset allocation. The festival season provides a natural break from the daily grind.
  • 22 Oct 14
    02:57 AM
    Receiving money from a family member abroad could become costlier. The government has decided to re-introduce the service tax on inward remittances from abroad.
  • 20 Oct 14
    02:25 AM
    Neha Pathak, vice-president, head - trust and estate planning, Motilal Oswal Private Wealth Management cites the example of a businessman who had named his son as the nominee in all his investments.
  • 14 Oct 14
    01:30 PM
    The primary method is to look at its returns vis-à-vis its benchmark index. But for a diligent investor, the analysis should not end there. There are several ratios that one should look at to further determine the scheme’s performance.


Company Price Gain (%)
St Bk of India321.455.10
Axis Bank481.052.79
Tata Steel473.302.78
Tata Motors532.952.78
M & M1,323.752.53


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