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  • 30 Aug 15
    10:23 PM
    Ramesh Sharma had bequeathed a two-storey house to his two sons, Vikram (40) and Prateek (38), in his will. However, the elder one, who stays on the lower floor, was also named executor of the will.
  • 26 Aug 15
    01:27 AM
    The rupee might have corrected four per cent against the US dollar in one month, but your holiday abroad can still turn out to be cheaper this year, compared to last year, if you book now.
  • 24 Aug 15
    02:45 AM
    Last week, the Supreme Court directed that an Aadhaar (the unique citizen identification) card not be mandatory for direct benefit transfers such as a cooking gas subsidy or distribution of foodgrain; however, it can be used as one of the proofs.
  • 23 Aug 15
    10:40 PM
    If you are enrolled with a company offering vacation ownership and are unable to make full use of it, there are options available to monetise it.
  • 09 Aug 15
    11:50 PM
    Ever wondered what will happen to your e-mail and social networking accounts after you die? Who will get to own your Gmail or Yahoo! account and who will get possession of your photos and videos on Facebook, Google+, and YouTube? Will your legal heir get
  • 27 Jul 15
    02:39 AM
    You log on to a stock broker's mobile trading app to check market movement. A notification pops up and recommends companies you might like to buy.
  • 20 Jul 15
    10:07 PM
    There are many individuals who after filing their income tax returns have realised there was a mistake in the form or the data submitted was not correct.
    02:09 AM
    In layman's term, ESOP is an alternate method of remuneration, generally offered to the key employees and top management of a company.
    02:08 AM
    The recent debate on the new insider trading prescription on ESOPs reminds one of the famous quote by Justice Holmes - "Life of law has not been logic, it has been experience".
    12:48 AM
    Today, we can shop by clicking a button on our laptops or swiping our mobile phones. While e-commerce has changed the way we shop, how has it helped sellers? Is selling online as easy as buying? Fairly easy, say those who have done it.
  • 19 Jul 15
    10:49 PM
    New technologies are changing the way we transact. Banks are increasingly focusing on mobile applications and launching products such as funds transfers via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and mobile wallets.


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Sun Pharma.Inds.900.750.34


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