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  • 29 Sep 14
    12:18 AM
    Financial trainer, Amit Trivedi, remembers how a few professionals, buoyed by the stock market boom, decided to start on their own in 2007-08. They formed a company, gave themselves fancy designations, hired a few employees and had a plush office.
    12:14 AM
    When a customer is charged on twin-sharing basis, a tour operator cannot cut costs by giving accommodation on triple-sharing.
    12:12 AM
    I am going on a six-month assignment to Italy next month. Can I open an NRI or NRO savings account from there? What is the advantage of these accounts? I want to send some money to my family in India while I am away.
  • 17 Sep 14
    05:54 PM
    The dice is heavily loaded against a guarantor. As in the case of Gajendra Issar, who had to pay Rs 50,000 to a bank when his friend defaulted on debt payment. Luckily, there were two other guarantors who could cough up more; he took a smaller hit.
  • 08 Sep 14
    03:15 AM
    For most employees, the first thing that comes to mind at the thought of social security is Provident Fund - a fund to which they contribute 12 per cent of their salary each month and hope of saving money for their old age.
  • 29 Aug 14
    01:22 AM
    The next time you file a complaint in consumer court, you might go through the process of mediation twice. That is, if the proposed amendments to the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, go through.
  • 28 Aug 14
    02:06 AM
    Making a will is the easiest way to ensure your assets are passed on to your heir/s in a smooth manner. For this, one can opt for an online version (e-will).
  • 19 Aug 14
    09:01 AM
    Is the trend in the composition of household savings, observed over the past few years, on the cusp of reversing? Or will elevated household inflation expectations lead to an even greater preference for physical assets?Households in India account for an
  • 18 Aug 14
    04:36 PM
    Can you be charged for using something that is your own? The recent move by the Reserve Bank of India seems to suggest so.
  • 14 Aug 14
    05:44 PM
    Buying a vacation is as easy as buying a smart phone, says Jatinder Paul Singh, Senior Vice-President and Head - Sales and Distribution, Leisure Travel (Outbound), Thomas Cook India.
  • 27 Jul 14
    10:49 PM
    Over the past two weeks, more than 300 people have died in air crashes. The first was on July 17, when Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down in Ukraine and all 298 people on board died.


Company Price Gain (%)
M & M1,390.552.07
Hero Motocorp2,878.901.30


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