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  • 22 May 16
    09:21 PM
    Collectors increasingly see paintings as investments - and collateral. The value of loans secured against artworks has doubled in four years, topping $10 billion in 2015 and rising, according to researcher Skate's.
  • 17 May 16
    06:45 AM
    Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) don’t have many takers in India though they are popular in developed economies. One big reason: most actively managed funds offer much higher returns.
  • 05 May 16
    12:04 AM
    To check falsity by salaried taxpayers in claiming deductions, the income tax (I-T) department has introduced a new form that all employees will need to give their employers this financial year onwards.
  • 04 May 16
    03:36 AM
    The next time you get an email from the Income Tax (I-T) department stating that it wants to refund you some money, don’t be delighted — be cautious.
  • 25 Apr 16
    04:20 AM
    If you are vacationing abroad this summer, you would probably have firmed up your plans. Airline and hotel bookings would have been done after exhaustive research on the internet.
    03:19 AM
    A policy focus on generating employment offers many payoffs. Apart from winning votes, high employment is associated with good tax revenues and lower crime.
    12:49 AM
    Does your car idle outside your office for hours on most days? You can soon rent out your personal car for self-drive and earn. Myles, a self-drive car rental company, is ready with a platform where individuals can offer theirs for as short as two hours.
  • 11 Apr 16
    04:06 AM
    The marginal cost-based lending rate or MCLR that has kicked in from April 1 replaces the base rate system that was introduced with much fanfare six years ago.
  • 29 Mar 16
    10:10 AM
    A company in which you own shares announces a dividend and you are happy of getting some tax-free income. But you don’t bother to check your account to see if the money has been credited or not.


Company Price Gain (%)
Tata Motors389.251.70
ICICI Bank224.401.56
Tata Steel317.601.28
H D F C1,173.301.09


Will the Nifty top 8,000 if the BJP manages to win Assam assembly elections?

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