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  • 27 Jul 15
    02:39 AM
    You log on to a stock broker's mobile trading app to check market movement. A notification pops up and recommends companies you might like to buy.
  • 20 Jul 15
    10:07 PM
    There are many individuals who after filing their income tax returns have realised there was a mistake in the form or the data submitted was not correct.
    02:09 AM
    In layman's term, ESOP is an alternate method of remuneration, generally offered to the key employees and top management of a company.
    02:08 AM
    The recent debate on the new insider trading prescription on ESOPs reminds one of the famous quote by Justice Holmes - "Life of law has not been logic, it has been experience".
    12:48 AM
    Today, we can shop by clicking a button on our laptops or swiping our mobile phones. While e-commerce has changed the way we shop, how has it helped sellers? Is selling online as easy as buying? Fairly easy, say those who have done it.
  • 19 Jul 15
    10:49 PM
    New technologies are changing the way we transact. Banks are increasingly focusing on mobile applications and launching products such as funds transfers via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and mobile wallets.
  • 13 Jul 15
    04:10 AM
    A person is an Indian resident. However, he was a non-resident Indian (NRI) earlier, when he had acquired foreign assets, which he continues to hold, out of income which was not chargeable to tax in India.
  • 07 Jul 15
    11:21 PM
    Without much hassles, now you can get a will registered online by filling up a form and making mandatory payments. The document will be delivered in your inbox in no time. The only caveat is that your will should be a simple one.
  • 29 Jun 15
    01:21 PM
    The ongoing problems in distant Greece have the potential for wide-ranging global consequences. Experts are talking about capital controls, the possibility of contagion and the risks for financial institutions with exposure to Greek securities.
  • 22 Jun 15
    06:52 PM
    Life could become difficult for those working in a listed company and are entitled to employee stock option plans (ESOPs).
    03:30 AM
    If you are the kind who likes to avoid travelling during monsoons, it's time to re-think your holiday plans. A monsoon holiday can be cheaper due to discounts on air tickets and hotel packages.


Company Price Gain (%)
Maruti Suzuki4,269.401.76
B H E L283.101.74
Larsen & Toubro1,786.651.58


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