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  • 30 Mar 15
    02:37 AM
    Stock market transactions are zero-sum games, if we ignore brokerage and taxes. Suppose the price of a share rises after a given transaction. The buyer profits, the seller loses.
  • 29 Mar 15
    10:40 PM
    Is there a good time to review your portfolio allocation and re-jig it? Ideally, this should be done periodically and the re-allocation based on how far you are from your goals. The beginning of a new financial year is as good a time as any to review.
    02:20 AM
    Having ailing parents at home can put a huge strain on your finances as well as being an emotional roller-coaster.
  • 24 Mar 15
    02:28 AM
    The past three weeks have been turbulent for the Indian equity market, with the benchmark S&P BSE Sensex slipping 1,200 points, or four per cent.
  • 19 Mar 15
    12:23 AM
    Tax-free bonds, seen hitting the Street in financial year 2015-16, might not be able to get the same attention as when interest rates were higher. The coupon rates on these bonds are expected to be much lower than what was offered earlier.
  • 16 Mar 15
    02:50 AM
    To do your banking transactions today, you don't need to step out of your home or office. Everything is possible at the click of a mouse or a swipe on the phone screen. Yet, you have to make one visit to the bank to open your account.
  • 13 Mar 15
    06:37 PM
    Tax-free bonds which are seen hitting the street in the financial year 2015-16 may not be able to get the same attention it had got when interest rates were higher.
    02:55 AM
    There was a lot of unrest amid debt fund investors after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley increased the holding tenure for debt funds to three years for tax benefits in the last Budget.
  • 12 Mar 15
    07:29 AM
    Retail investors will soon have multiple options to invest in exchange-traded funds (ETF). With a number of fund houses gearing up to launch these products, there will be a lot of variety as well.
  • 09 Mar 15
    01:50 AM
    The market has been volatile in the past three months, with the volatility index, India VIX, fluctuating between 13 and 22. The gauge is a measure of investors' perception about the risk of sharp swings based on options prices.


Company Price Gain (%)
Bharti Airtel389.553.55
H D F C1,306.203.52
O N G C314.703.49
Coal India358.803.27


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