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  • 29 Sep 16
    05:45 AM
    Starting October 1, the price of administered natural gas will fall from $3.06 per mmBtu (million British thermal unit) to an estimated $2.5 to $2.7, benefitting companies such as Indraprastha Gas and Mahanagar Gas as well as gas consumers.
  • 27 Sep 16
    11:30 PM
    On social networking sites, people often share photos of adventure activities they undertake. But it’s not just their friends and family but also insurers who might be interested in such images.
    04:22 AM
    With the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) allowing retirement advisors to charge 0.02 per cent (two basis points) from customers under the National Pension System (NPS), the first step towards formalising
  • 25 Sep 16
    10:09 PM
    Image via ShutterstockWhen passing wealth to their children, some parents want to give more to one than to the others. This could be because one son is financially worse off than his siblings, or one has a bigger family to provide for.
    10:06 PM
    Retail investors have started putting their faith in systematic investment plans (SIP). In the ongoing quarter (July-September), the number of SIPs crossed the 10-million mark.
  • 19 Sep 16
    12:36 AM
    We have all heard it said that while equities are volatile, they have the potential to boost portfolio returns over the long run. We decided to check the truth in this statement by creating three portfolios, with varied levels of equities.
  • 18 Sep 16
    01:11 AM
    Amit, an Indian citizen, has accepted an offer to work with a UK-based company and plans to migrate there. He intends to give his existing house in India on rent and earn some rental income.
  • 15 Sep 16
    01:19 PM
    Perpetual bonds offered by public-sector banks are a good option for retail investors, especially retirees, who want to lock into the current rates for a very long tenure and want to avoid reinvestment risk, which they would face in shorter-tenure
  • 14 Sep 16
    04:54 AM
    Interest rates on bank fixed deposits and bond yields are likely to decline going by the coupon rate of the new benchmark government security.
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Company Price Gain (%)
GAIL (India)374.053.06
M & M1,405.953.06
O N G C256.702.19
Tata Steel374.401.78
Tata Motors534.751.62


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