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  • 27 Nov 15
    07:21 AM
    From being a product that offered double indexation (inflation index) benefits for a term of only 14 to 15 months (short term), the product suddenly became one in which the investor had to stay invested for at least three years (medium term), to get the
  • 26 Nov 15
    07:50 AM
    Much of the optimism has settled since then, as earnings show no sign of picking up and reforms have stumbled.
    07:40 AM
    During this time of the year, a number of companies seek investment details from their employees. This is to match the declaration they have made during the start of the year with the actual investments made.
  • 25 Nov 15
    10:55 PM
    The recently concluded results season for the three-month period ended September again highlights the stark weakness in the earnings of India Inc.
  • 24 Nov 15
    06:44 AM
    One look at the category average returns of international funds is enough to drive investors away. In the past five years, it has returned only 0.83 per cent annually – the lowest among all mutual fund categories.
  • 21 Nov 15
    11:22 PM
    Many detest their jobs. They want to break free at some point and do their own thing - be it strumming on a guitar, indulging in pet hobbies like gardening or travel; or simply not be on a silver string that their corporate bosses can tug.
  • 20 Nov 15
    04:14 AM
    Saving for children’s future is one of the main worries for any parent. With the cost of education rising exponentially, most are worried if they would be able to save enough.
  • 19 Nov 15
    06:07 AM
    The recent spike in returns of gilt funds has attracted investors’ attention. With interest rates expected to gradually go down in the future, many are contemplating whether investing in gilt can reap rich rewards.
  • 17 Nov 15
    05:43 AM
    Once the darling of investors, stocks in the pharmaceutical sector to be on a downward spiral in recent months. In the past three months, the National Stock Exchange’s pharma index has fallen 11 per cent.
  • 16 Nov 15
    02:50 AM
    Sunil Singhania, chief investment officer (equities), Reliance Mutual Fund, is quite gung-ho about smart exchange-traded funds (ETFs). He believes this is the next level of investment strategy which many retail and even institutional players will follow.
    02:49 AM
    Diwali is a convenient time to take stock of portfolios and review investment strategy. Last Diwali (October 22, 2014), investors were full of hope. There was a widespread faith in the new government's ability to engineer a turnaround.


Company Price Gain (%)
Hindalco Inds.77.503.26
St Bk of India249.552.80
Larsen & Toubro1,363.802.23
ICICI Bank269.601.97


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