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  • 06 Nov 17
    11:46 PM
    The dream run of mutual funds (MFs) continued in October with the stock markets hitting new record highs. Last month, equity schemes saw net inflows of Rs 16,000 crore amid a six per cent jump in the benchmark Sensex index.
  • 28 Jun 17
    05:25 AM
    Inflows into mutual fund schemes through the so-called systematic investment plan (SIP) route hit a record high of Rs 4,584 crore in May.
  • 20 Jun 17
    05:23 AM
    Mutual fund body Association of Mutual Funds in India (Amfi) has appointed consultancy PwC to prepare a white paper on the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST) and its impact on the mutual fund sector.
  • 08 Jun 17
    04:24 AM
    For a second straight month, net inflows into equity mutual fund (MF) schemes remained aboveRs 10,000 crore, taking the year to date net inflow toRs 83,469 crore (over $13 billion).
  • 20 Apr 17
    02:34 AM
    The Nattukottai Chettiars, which have prominent members like P Chidambaram and A Vellayan, are planning to launch a Rs 500 crore fund to revive entrepreneurship among the community.
  • 18 Apr 17
    08:11 AM
    Tepid growth outlook and new headwinds such as rupee appreciation have made mutual fund (MF) managers wary of the information technology (IT) sector.
    08:09 AM
    Even as leading doctors and executives of Tata Trusts in their personal capacity have filed a PIL (public interest litigation) petition against public sector insurance companies for their investments in tobacco stocks, the petitioners have omitted an


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