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  • 17 Mar 17
    01:11 AM
    The mutual fund investors, who own a minority stake in Grasim and Aditya Birla Nuvo, are expected to vote against the proposal to merge both companies in the voting that began early this month and continue for a month.
  • 03 Mar 17
    04:23 AM
    Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund has been ranked 1 under CRISIL Fund Rank for the quarter ended December 2016. It has been ranked in the top 30 percentile (CRISIL Fund Rank 1 or 2) for the past eight consecutive quarters in the small- and mid-cap equity
  • 02 Mar 17
    03:46 AM
    Most stock buys in January have done well for equity fund managers. Reliance Industries, BSE, GAIL India, Infosys and HDFC Bank were among the stocks where MFs increased their exposure in January. All these stocks rallied sustainably in February.
  • 01 Mar 17
    04:45 AM
    Hedge funds are raising their exposure to commodities as prices rally and investors respond to macro shifts, including the prospect of accelerating inflation under US President Donald Trump, according to Citigroup Inc.
  • 28 Feb 17
    12:53 AM
    The fund house, the latest to have taken a massive valuation hit in its debt schemes, plans to propose possible measures to the regulator, in order to safeguard the interests of its existing unit holders.
  • 21 Feb 17
    11:57 AM
    Credit opportunity funds that look beyond AAA-rated papers have come back in the limelight with possibilities of rate cuts declining after the recent policy announcement by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
    05:19 AM
    Proceedings have been approved under the takeover regulations and relevant provisions of the Sebi Act, the market regulator has told the Delhi High CourtProceedings have been approved under the takeover regulations and relevant provisions of the Sebi
  • 17 Feb 17
    06:45 AM
    The cash pile of equity mutual funds (MFs) has climbed to multi-year highs, amid sharp investor inflows since October. Steep volatility in the markets has made fund managers cautious, awaiting opportunities to deploy the cash.
  • 15 Feb 17
    11:54 PM
    Stocks of oil and information technology (IT) companies were among the most bought by equity fund managers in January. Infosys was a clear favourite. Fund managers say it is hard to find a replacement for the IT stock in their portfolio.
    06:22 AM
    Retail investors, the trade jargon for non-wealthy individuals, are increasingly looking to debt mutual funds (MFs).


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