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  • 24 Aug 16
    04:46 AM
    How much skin in the game does your fund manager have? If data compiled by Outlook Asia Capital of top 30 equity schemes comprising about 60 per cent of the mutual fund sector's equity assets are anything to go by, the answer is very little.
  • 23 Aug 16
    09:32 PM
    Iconoclastic it may be, but ditching bonus payments in asset management should lead to longer-term thinking.
    05:10 AM
    Investing in new fund offers (NFOs) is always fraught with risks. So, a fund with a closed-end structure that invests in the micro-cap category is to be viewed carefully.
  • 16 Aug 16
    05:17 AM
    Franklin India Prima Plus Fund and SBI Bluechip Fund are the new entrants to India's 10 largest equity mutual fund (MF) schemes in terms of assets under management (AUM).
  • 12 Aug 16
    05:36 AM
    The mutual fund (MF) sector has seen a remarkable turnaround in the past two years. Its assets under management (AUM) are at a record high, and investor count has shown encouraging growth.
  • 10 Aug 16
    05:40 AM
    While there are expectations of further rate cuts in the future, investors should start moving their debt investments to funds that maintain an average portfolio maturity of less than four-five years.
  • 03 Aug 16
    10:48 PM
    Many banks, brokerages, insurers and mutual funds have stopped opening or processing new accounts because they cannot upload know-your-customer details to a central database.
    11:20 AM
    Imagine a sales head at a fund house knocking straight into a fund manager's room and literally forcing him to attend an impromptu conference call with a large distributor at a time when the fund manager was in the midst of analysing his schemes'
  • 01 Jul 16
    12:43 AM
    Investors can look to create long-term wealth with mutual funds (MFs). Within the debt fund category, fixed maturity plans offer tax-efficient returns.
  • 30 Jun 16
    04:38 AM
    India's equity fund managers have significantly slowed their investment in stocks this month, with the ongoing global uncertainties. However, inflow from investors into funds through systematic investment plans (SIPs) are steady.
  • 23 Jun 16
    04:43 AM
    Mutual fund (MF) investors are showing growing preference for balanced schemes. The assets under management (AUM) of balanced funds have more than doubled in the past two years, amid robust inflows and rising number of investor folios.
  • 21 Jun 16
    03:34 AM
    Gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have emerged one of the best money-making instruments for mutual fund (MF) investors in the past year. On average, the return has been a little over 11 per cent.
  • 20 Jun 16
    04:15 AM
    I want to discontinue my Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) for some time but not withdraw the funds, as I might restart it.
  • 13 Jun 16
    06:05 AM
    Long-term debt funds have enjoyed a good run in the past year. Gilt medium and long-term and gilt short-term funds have been the category toppers.
  • 11 Jun 16
    04:48 AM
    A seven per cent fall in the share price of information technology (IT) giant Infosys has impacted several equity mutual fund schemes in the past week.
  • 10 Jun 16
    03:43 AM
    To protect small investors from tricky choices made by mutual fund managers, the market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has introduced new redemption rules.


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