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  • 17 Jan 17
    03:00 AM
    The assets under management (AUM) of the mutual fund industry touched an all-time high of Rs 16.46 lakh crore in December, according to data from the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) and expect to cross Rs 20 lakh crore this year.
  • 09 Dec 16
    07:58 AM
    After demonetisation, many fixed-income fund managers were of the opinion that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) would cut the repo rate by another 50 basis points (bps) by the first quarter of the next financial year.
  • 08 Dec 16
    07:51 AM
    Domestic fund managers are favouring stocks in the information technology (IT) and pharmaceuticals space, which have fallen by 10-25 per cent from recent highs.
    07:30 AM
    With as many as 2,315 mutual fund schemes, individual investors find it difficult to choose the right fund on their own.
  • 29 Nov 16
    07:11 AM
    The surge in US equities and the sharp depreciation in the Indian rupee against the dollar post Donald Trump's victory in the US elections have boosted returns of Indian feeder funds that invest in the US market.
  • 24 Nov 16
    06:02 AM
    ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund, with an asset size of Rs 16,250 crore, has become the country's largest equity-oriented mutual fund (MF) scheme.
  • 22 Nov 16
    07:50 AM
    Passive investing in mutual fund schemes is not popular in India. Investors have preferred schemes managed by fund managers because of their ability to beat returns of the underlying benchmarks.
    07:46 AM
    Debt funds are reaping the benefit of a rally in bond prices after the government’s demonetisation announcement.
    06:57 AM
    Launched in September 2000, HDFC Balanced Fund is classified under the balanced category of CRISIL Mutual Fund Ranking. It has been ranked in the top 30 percentile (CRISIL Fund Rank 1 or 2) over the past 24 consecutive quarters as of September 2016 (i.e.
  • 24 Oct 16
    12:37 AM
    Three years since the introduction of the concept, direct investing (through which an investor invests directly with a fund house without going through a distributor) is yet to take off in a big way, particularly in smaller cities.
  • 21 Oct 16
    06:42 AM
    Launched in January 2010, L&T India Value Fund is classified under the diversified category of the CRISIL Mutual Fund Ranking.
  • 07 Oct 16
    02:42 AM
    Launched in March 2005, SBI Magnum Midcap Fund is classified under the small- and mid-cap category of CRISIL Mutual Fund Ranking. It has been ranked in the top 30 percentile (CRISIL Fund Rank 1 or 2) over the past five quarters ended June.
  • 29 Sep 16
    05:18 AM
    For a category that brings with it the attendant challenges of risk, liquidity and volatility, it can be a difficult task to make money. It is even more difficult to stick to your convictions when these three are constant companions.
    05:16 AM
    Ever since the capital market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) introduced direct plans for mutual fund investments, there has been a substantial uptick in transactions through this route, given the cost savings.
    04:17 AM
    Debt funds are not perceived to be as risky as equity funds. Yet, as the Amtek Auto episode proved, debt investments come with their own set of risks, and it is possible for investors to lose capital if companies default on their debt obligations.


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