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  • 06 Oct 15
    06:44 AM
    Support from domestic institutions has been a silver lining in the latest sell-off in Indian markets. In the first half of this financial year, foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) were net sellers during four months.
  • 01 Oct 15
    10:20 AM
    While the rupee was losing its value on fears of money leaving the country in case of an interest rate hike in the US, Indian mutual funds were trying to play the scenario by stacking up on IT sector stocks.
    12:38 AM
    Early this week, JP Morgan Asset Management, an asset manager for individuals and institutions, lifted the cap it had imposed on redemptions from two of its debt mutual fund schemes after a sharp fall in their net asset value.
  • 30 Sep 15
    06:28 AM
    The policy changes by the central bank directly impacts your investment in debt funds. According to Akhil Mittal, a senior fund manager with Tata Mutual Fund, income and gilt funds would make the best capital gains after the rate cut.
  • 28 Sep 15
    04:41 AM
    With fund houses coming under pressure from the markets regulator, Securities and Exchange Board of India, due to their exposure to risky sectors such as steel, power and real estate, many fund managers have started reducing their exposure to these
    01:20 AM
    My parents are senior citizens. All their savings bank accounts and FDs are in their joint names. There is no nominee.
  • 18 Sep 15
    04:33 AM
    Mid- and small-cap mutual funds have delivered returns of over 125 per cent in two years, almost double the returns yielded by large-cap funds. Such huge gains have raised many eyebrows.
  • 17 Sep 15
    10:43 PM
    Retail investors in debt funds are worried. In the past few weeks, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has expressed discomfort at the large exposure of some fund houses to sectors such as steel, power, and real estate.
  • 16 Sep 15
    09:41 PM
    There has been a welcome shift in the composition of household savings in the financial year of 2014-15. Individuals are investing in financial assets again, after a five-year period when the favoured inflation hedges were physical assets such as gold and
    03:38 AM
    The buy and hold investing style for equity schemes of the Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund borders on indifference to external events.
    03:37 AM
    One of the characteristics that differentiates Santosh Kamath and Kunal Agrawal at Franklin Templeton Investments, India is their ability to read macroeconomic variables, especially global events and their impact on rates.
  • 15 Sep 15
    01:29 PM
    Indian investors have traditionally been risk averse and prefer to invest in bank deposits. The tendency of is more towards capital preservation. Such investors can look at debt mutual funds to get slightly better returns.
    05:45 AM
    If you are worried about losing money due to volatility in the equity markets, should you consider capital protection funds? These are closed-end funds that invest a major portion of their portfolios in debt and a small portion in equity.
  • 13 Sep 15
    10:04 PM
    Balanced funds are suitable for investors looking for benefits of the asset allocation model in a single structure, using a pre-determined ratio between equity and debt, which is generally 70/65-30/35. These funds seek to offer the benefit of both worlds,


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