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  • 27 Apr 16
    04:42 AM
    The recent outperformance of India’s top equity funds, HDFC Equity and HDFC Top 200, has again brought their manager, Prashant Jain, and his funds into the limelight.
    02:35 AM
    Dividend yield funds, a class of defensive equity funds (they are also regarded as a subset of value funds), have done well during the recent market downturn.
  • 25 Apr 16
    04:12 AM
    One should always compare a fund’s performance against its benchmark. If the existing schemes are not performing well, one should take a look at the pedigree of the fund house, investment philosophy and long-term performance record.
  • 22 Apr 16
    06:10 PM
    The recent outperformance of India's top largest equity funds - HDFC Equity and HDFC Top 200 -- both managed by India's ace fund manager Prashant Jain has once again brought the fund manager and his funds in the limelight.
    04:14 AM
    After years of losses, international funds focused on gold and gold miners are up sharply. In the past three months, DSP BlackRock World Gold Fund has given spectacular returns of 64.92 per cent and Kotak World Gold Fund is up 64.89 per cent.
  • 15 Apr 16
    12:48 AM
    Launched on February 28, 1993, SBI Magnum Multiplier Fund is classified under the diversified category of the CRISIL Mutual Fund Ranking.
  • 30 Mar 16
    11:42 PM
    In the past three years, as many as seven foreign houses have closed shop in India. The recent one, J P Morgan Asset Management Company, sold its mutual fund business to Edelweiss, a relatively smaller fund house.
    04:34 AM
    Launched in October 1995, Tata Balanced Fund is categorised under the balanced category of CRISIL Mutual Fund Ranking.
  • 28 Mar 16
    04:36 AM
    A number of mutual fund (MF) houses seem to be unhappy with the Association of Mutual Funds of India's (Amfi) MF platform, called MF Utility. Of the 43-entity sector, only 25 have joined it.
    03:18 AM
    Every month, mutual fund (MF) investors get their consolidated account statement (CAS), with details of schemes, amount invested and their current value. These details give the investor an insight on whether his investments are growing or falling.
  • 07 Mar 16
    04:25 AM
    The 1,400-point-plus rally after the Union Budget has caught hedge funds on the wrong foot, say market people. A number of large hedge funds and foreign institutional investors had gone short on the Indian market before the Budget.
  • 06 Mar 16
    04:22 AM
    Over the past year, when the stock markets have been sliding, the majority of value funds have provided sound downside protection. That is, they declined less than their benchmarks. Many of these funds have also provided good returns over the long term.
  • 04 Mar 16
    04:43 AM
    Launched on December 29, 2009, Axis Long Term Equity Fund is classified in the ELSS category of the CRISIL mutual fund ranking and has been ranked 1 for last 13 consecutive quarters ended December 2015. The fund is being managed by Jinesh Gopani since
  • 03 Mar 16
    06:01 AM
    The Budget has made mutual fund investors’ life easier. It says there will be no tax when mutual fund houses merge or consolidate different plans within a scheme.
  • 26 Feb 16
    06:38 AM
    The compound annual returns from equity mutual fund (MF) schemes which invest in large-cap companies are often considered safest bets for investors. However, these have dipped to single digit in the past 10-year investment period.
  • 22 Feb 16
    05:09 AM
    The one-year category average return of credit opportunity funds is currently the highest among all mutual fund categories at 8.70 per cent (as on February 16, maximum 9.69 per cent and minimum 6.49 per cent), according to the mutual fund rating agency
  • 21 Feb 16
    09:31 PM
    There's a growing risk that credit woes spark bank-like runs on bond mutual funds. That's the message from the latest in a series of studies from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on how market liquidity has changed since the crisis.


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