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  • 01 Dec 15
    05:40 AM
    Other than interest rate movements, fixed income investments face a threat from inflation, as high inflation means lower returns. This is why investors are always advised to include instruments that can beat inflation over a longer period of time.
    03:50 AM
    With fixed-income returns bettering those of stocks this year, balanced funds offered by mutual fund (MF) houses are gaining traction among investors.
  • 30 Nov 15
    02:41 AM
    Mutual fund managers' exuberance towards stocks is seen wearing off, with their cash levels inching up and net investments going down.
  • 27 Nov 15
    07:21 AM
    From being a product that offered double indexation (inflation index) benefits for a term of only 14 to 15 months (short term), the product suddenly became one in which the investor had to stay invested for at least three years (medium term), to get the
    07:19 AM
    Mutual fund investments in stock markets have begun to cool in the past two months.
  • 24 Nov 15
    06:44 AM
    One look at the category average returns of international funds is enough to drive investors away. In the past five years, it has returned only 0.83 per cent annually – the lowest among all mutual fund categories.
  • 23 Nov 15
    05:50 AM
    "Eight-nine months ago, we started investing in debt for some clients. We're now looking at yields of 9.5-10.5 per cent on these investments," says Kartik Jhaveri, director, Transcend India, a financial planning firm.
  • 20 Nov 15
    04:44 AM
    The DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund has been ranked in the top 30 percentile (CRISIL Fund Rank 1 or 2) since December 2013. The scheme seeks to generate long-term capital appreciation from a portfolio that is substantially constituted of equity and
  • 05 Nov 15
    02:36 AM
    ICICI Prudential MIP 25 Fund is a debt-oriented hybrid fund that primarily invests in debt instruments, with the maximum exposure to equity capped at 30 per cent of total net assets.
  • 02 Nov 15
    05:49 AM
    Investors in equity mutual funds are used to being told that these schemes are risky in nature and long-term investment is the best way to mitigate this and earn reasonable returns.
  • 26 Oct 15
    06:56 AM
    Equity investing offers the benefit of tax-free returns if the holding period is greater than a year. Since you have held your investment in an equity MF for more than a year, you will enjoy tax-free returns.
  • 22 Oct 15
    11:20 PM
    The domestic exchange traded fund (ETF) market is set for a boost, with entry of pension money into equities being allowed through this route, putting renewed focus on this investment vehicle.
    11:13 PM
    Mutual fund houses' net investment in stocks for September stood at Rs 9,320 crore. Fund managers used the sharp correction in the market since August to buy quality blue chip stocks such as TCS, HDFC Bank, L&T and Axis Bank.
  • 06 Oct 15
    06:44 AM
    Support from domestic institutions has been a silver lining in the latest sell-off in Indian markets. In the first half of this financial year, foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) were net sellers during four months.
  • 01 Oct 15
    10:20 AM
    While the rupee was losing its value on fears of money leaving the country in case of an interest rate hike in the US, Indian mutual funds were trying to play the scenario by stacking up on IT sector stocks.
    12:38 AM
    Early this week, JP Morgan Asset Management, an asset manager for individuals and institutions, lifted the cap it had imposed on redemptions from two of its debt mutual fund schemes after a sharp fall in their net asset value.
  • 30 Sep 15
    06:28 AM
    The policy changes by the central bank directly impacts your investment in debt funds. According to Akhil Mittal, a senior fund manager with Tata Mutual Fund, income and gilt funds would make the best capital gains after the rate cut.

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