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  • 01 Dec 14
    12:34 AM
    I am 65 and want to invest in mutual funds. But I have never invested in stocks.
  • 20 Nov 14
    12:49 AM
    Mutual fund (MF) managers, typically, raise their cash exposure when they expect the market to fall or the risk-reward situation is not favourable. However, things seem different this time.
    12:10 AM
    Rahul Shah, a Mumbai-based financial services professional, began investing in mutual funds three years ago, shortly after he joined a global consultancy firm.
    12:06 AM
    Amish Mehra (real name withheld on request), an ultra-rich investor had invested about Rs 1.5 crore, or about 20 per cent of his equity portfolio in offshore funds last year as the rupee weakened and the US economy started showing signs of recovery.
  • 13 Nov 14
    08:47 AM
    The myth that size is a constraint for larger equity schemes when it comes to performance appears to have been busted. India is now home to more Rs 5,000-crore-plus asset size equity funds than ever before in the past.
  • 31 Oct 14
    03:42 AM
    Wouldn’t you want to protect your investments from inflation? Earlier, investing in gold was the only option. The Reserve Bank of India then launched Inflation Indexed Bonds (IIBs) as a hedge against inflation.
  • 28 Oct 14
    02:12 AM
    With mutual funds beginning to see increased inflows, retail investors are aggressively coming back into the market. Many need to be careful, as a distributor or bank can easily show last year’s performance and push a product.
  • 10 Oct 14
    03:08 AM
    Retail investors in mutual fund schemes, in a good market, are often misled to churn their portfolio aggressively, say industry players. Obviously, they are seldom able to reap benefits of stay invested for the long term.
    02:48 AM
    In the first half of this financial year, investment into equity mutual funds touched a seven-year high of Rs 33,000 crore. Through the past five years, the sector saw a shrinking investor base and outflows of about Rs 35,000 crore.
  • 01 Oct 14
    07:34 PM
    You love shopping online and are convinced it is the next big growth story. You want to invest in shares of e-commerce companies. After the big listing by Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba, you don't want to be left out.
  • 30 Sep 14
    02:37 PM
    Small asset management companies (AMCs) have witnessed significant erosion in their assets under fixed maturity plans, or FMPs following the adverse tax changes to debt mutual funds announced in the Union Budget in July.
    02:06 AM
    Akhil Mittal, senior fund manager of Tata Asset Management says that investors whose investments in fixed maturity plans (FMPs) are nearing maturity are shifting to other products, especially hybrid or balanced funds, instead of rolling over the FMP.


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