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Category Performance
CategoryReturns (%)Avg Returns
Equity - Pharma-7.02-2.963.9917.1830.5021.8425.53
Gilt Funds - Medium & Long Term-0.651.803.319.379.278.778.40
Equity - Auto-0.750.283.249.3142.3124.9830.53
Equity - FMCG-1.952.735.999.2714.5720.3916.61
Floating Rate Funds - Long Term0.502.114.469.088.908.948.60
Income Funds-0.171.863.758.648.748.788.32
Short Term Income Funds0.431.954.138.618.778.918.31
Floating Rate Funds - Short Term0.591.964.078.528.828.958.14
Ultra Short Term Funds0.561.874.048.308.918.638.70
Monthly Income Plans - Long Term-0.391.422.958.2910.999.4310.29
Fixed Maturity Plans0.431.994.
Liquid Funds0.611.863.858.218.568.577.92
Interval Income Funds0.561.793.947.917.928.327.95
Fund of Funds - Debt-0.401.543.107.769.798.899.70
Gilt Funds - Short Term-0.081.963.737.728.828.317.03
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) - Debt0.551.673.437.187.547.636.29
Monthly Income Plans - Short Term-
Arbitrage Funds0.461.683.346.338.358.405.66
Fund of Funds - Equity-0.542.371.286.0913.409.4510.85
Equity - Media2.0810.2813.735.3114.7513.4015.42

Upcoming Dividends

02 Dec 15 Escorts Income Bond - (D)0.10
02 Dec 15 Escorts Income Plan - (D)0.09
02 Dec 15 Escorts Short Term Debt Fund (D)0.11


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