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Category Performance
CategoryReturns (%)Avg Returns
Equity - Media1.5312.350.3812.3814.7811.7111.95
Gilt Funds - Short Term0.644.465.069.387.448.997.54
Equity - FMCG3.3915.422.638.9113.3719.4115.28
Floating Rate Funds - Long Term0.602.584.128.698.788.808.29
Short Term Income Funds0.573.104.268.468.689.128.50
Ultra Short Term Funds0.602.444.138.288.688.588.72
Income Funds0.533.804.028.257.798.998.53
Floating Rate Funds - Short Term0.582.333.968.218.688.898.23
Fixed Maturity Plans0.582.853.888.
Interval Income Funds0.582.093.787.948.228.368.17
Liquid Funds0.611.993.877.898.518.657.72
Gilt Funds - Medium & Long Term0.545.424.057.897.379.258.72
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) - Debt0.543.023.877.567.467.467.49
Gold - ETFs0.41-2.0915.547.512.784.537.49
Fund of Funds - Debt0.525.213.396.659.389.188.24
Arbitrage Funds0.511.733.206.598.138.176.03
Monthly Income Plans - Long Term0.536.043.426.189.979.529.19
Monthly Income Plans - Short Term0.475.193.125.928.938.718.66
Equity - Infotech-0.709.462.755.1225.7514.4816.40


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