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HDFC Floating Rate Income-Short Term-Retail(G) - Asset Allocation

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NAV as on 23 Jun 17
Fund Family :HDFC Mutual Fund
Fund Class:Floating Rate Funds - Short Term
1 Week :6.45%
1 Month:8.38%
1 Year:8.13%
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Asset Type %
Certificate of Deposits10.36
Commercial Paper8.03
Net CA & Others3.99
Govt. SecuritiesMkt Value% of Assets
Asset / Company Name(Rs cr) 
NCDUnitsMkt Value% of AssetsReturns
Asset / Company Name   (Rs cr)   Last 3 Mths
H D F CNA435439.193.828.96
Indiabulls Hous.NA4,150419.803.6512.01
Power Fin.Corpn.NA4,000400.783.48-17.52
Canara BankNA3,250320.002.787.33
Power Fin.Corpn.NA2,905293.192.55-17.52
Union Bank (I)NA2,850284.472.47-8.68
Syndicate BankNA2,600260.092.262.39
Adani PortsNA2,500252.302.1914.64
N A B A R DNA2,215224.701.950.00
N A B A R DNA2,000201.081.750.00
St Bk of IndiaNA2,000200.941.75-2.90
Rural Elec.Corp.NA1,960197.831.72-6.21
Power Fin.Corpn.NA1,850185.421.61-17.52
Volkswagen Fin.NA1,500150.841.310.00
Power Fin.Corpn.NA1,467148.001.29-17.52
Power Fin.Corpn.NA1,100111.580.97-17.52
Reliance JioNA1,000101.460.880.00
H D F CNA100100.370.878.96
Rural Elec.Corp.NA91792.540.80-6.21
Hero FincorpNA90090.940.790.00
N A B A R DNA85085.310.740.00
Rural Elec.Corp.NA78379.100.69-6.21
L&T FinanceNA30076.350.660.00
N A B A R DNA75074.990.650.00
Axis BankNA75073.700.64-2.21
H D F CNA1,40070.660.618.96
H D F CNA7070.560.618.96
Rural Elec.Corp.NA61063.010.55-6.21
LIC Housing Fin.NA55055.490.4821.95
Power Fin.Corpn.NA55055.480.48-17.52
Bharat AluminiumNA53553.520.470.00
Power Fin.Corpn.NA50050.920.44-17.52
A Birla FinanceNA50050.760.440.00
H D F CNA5050.720.448.96
N A B A R DNA50050.650.440.00
Nabha PowerNA50050.590.440.00
L&T FinanceNA20050.230.440.00
H D F CNA5050.170.448.96
Piramal Enterp.NA50050.120.4450.18
Kotak Mahindra PNA50050.070.440.00
H D F CNA5050.030.438.96
Power Fin.Corpn.NA41642.100.37-17.52
LIC Housing Fin.NA40040.370.3521.95
S I D B INA38539.290.340.00
Rural Elec.Corp.NA35035.510.31-6.21
Power Fin.Corpn.NA35035.360.31-17.52
LIC Housing Fin.NA35035.190.3121.95
Hero FincorpNA30030.480.260.00
Power Fin.Corpn.NA25025.760.22-17.52
Rural Elec.Corp.NA25025.750.22-6.21
Gujarat RoadNA25025.670.220.00
Gujarat RoadNA25025.600.220.00
H D F CNA2525.530.228.96
N A B A R DNA25125.520.220.00
ONGC MangaloreNA25025.480.220.00
H D F CNA25025.440.228.96
H D F CNA2525.390.228.96
LIC Housing Fin.NA25025.380.2221.95
Gujarat RoadNA25025.380.220.00
H D F CNA25025.380.228.96
Aditya Bir. Nuv.NA25025.370.2218.53
S I D B INA25025.360.220.00
N A B A R DNA25025.350.220.00
Reliance JioNA25025.320.220.00
Power Fin.Corpn.NA25025.280.22-17.52
H D F CNA25025.270.228.96
Kotak Mahindra PNA25025.270.220.00
Kotak Mahindra PNA25025.230.220.00
H D F CNA25025.190.228.96
LIC Housing Fin.NA25025.160.2221.95
H D F CNA25025.130.228.96
HDFC Credila FinNA25025.110.220.00
L&T FinanceNA10025.100.220.00
Tata Capital FinNA25025.100.220.00
Power Fin.Corpn.NA20020.570.18-17.52
Gujarat RoadNA20020.170.180.00
H D F CNA20020.120.178.96
Power Fin.Corpn.NA18318.380.16-17.52
Power Fin.Corpn.NA15015.060.13-17.52
Power Grid CorpnNA9812.310.114.40
Rural Elec.Corp.NA10010.150.09-6.21
H D F CNA10010.150.098.96
Adani PortsNA10010.130.0914.64
H D F CNA10010.090.098.96
LIC Housing Fin.NA10010.090.0921.95
LIC Housing Fin.NA10010.050.0921.95
N A B A R DNA10010.030.090.00
Power Fin.Corpn.NA626.200.05-17.52
N A B A R DNA606.030.050.00
UltraTech Cem.NA525.240.05-2.77
LIC Housing Fin.NA505.090.0421.95
Power Fin.Corpn.NA505.090.04-17.52
H D F CNA505.090.048.96
Power Grid CorpnNA505.050.044.40
H D F CNA505.050.048.96
H D F CNA505.020.048.96
Power Fin.Corpn.NA303.150.03-17.52
Power Grid CorpnNA192.390.024.40
H D F CNA202.010.028.96
E X I M BankNA101.010.010.00
ONGC Petro Add.NA1,0301,046.809.100.00
Shriram Trans.NA1,500150.071.30-6.78
Trends in VogueNA5049.960.430.00
Power Fin.Corpn.NA4004.020.03-17.52
ZCBMkt Value% of Assets
Asset / Company Name(Rs cr) 
N A B A R D279.912.43
Shriram Trans.64.910.56
H D F C44.630.39
A P Expressways23.850.21
Tata Motors Fin13.830.12
Commercial PaperMkt Value% of Assets
Asset / Company Name(Rs cr) 
Kotak Mahindra P98.550.86
JM Financial Pro42.710.37
PNB Housing38.060.33
L&T Finance22.820.20
L&T Finance5.860.05
L&T Finance4.850.04
Indiabulls Hous.0.480.00
Certificate of DepositsMkt Value% of Assets
Asset / Company Name(Rs cr) 
ICICI Bank293.212.55
Axis Bank217.011.89
E X I M Bank173.471.51
ICICI Bank123.711.08
ICICI Bank99.250.86
Axis Bank99.000.86
Axis Bank51.880.45
ICICI Bank35.400.31
ICICI Bank28.670.25
Axis Bank24.670.21
Kotak Mah. Bank20.320.18
Andhra Bank10.400.09
Corporation Bank5.790.05
Andhra Bank4.850.04
IndusInd Bank0.740.01
Kotak Mah. Bank0.730.01
Yes Bank0.690.01
ICICI Bank0.640.01
T BillsMkt Value% of Assets
Asset / Company Name(Rs cr) 
Net CA & OthersMkt Value% of Assets
Asset / Company Name(Rs cr) 
Net CA & Others456.323.99

Sector Allocation

You can check out the sectoral allocation of the investments made for that scheme by the mutual fund in this Barchart as on the date selected.
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