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  • 27 May 15
    12:18 AM
    Stop-loss short positions at 8,410. Stop-loss long positions at 8,250. A long May 8,400c (20), short 8,450c (9) spread costs 11 and it could double if 8,400 is hit.
  • 22 May 15
    01:45 AM
    Stop-short positions at 8,500. Stop-long positions at 8,345. A long 8,300p (33), short 8,200p (16) could double if support at 8,300 is tested.
  • 21 May 15
    04:43 AM
    The National Stock Exchange's Nifty, with its highly liquid futures and options can be traded conveniently in either direction. A trader will buy the futures when he thinks other people are buying and sell if he thinks the index is likely to go down.
    03:23 AM
    Keep a stop at 18,425 and go long.
  • 18 May 15
    08:11 AM
    The Nifty closed 2nd consecutive week in positive territory. It formed lower bottom near recent lows of 8089 levels on nifty & 26750 levels on sensex during this week. It’s a good confirmation to conclude short term reversal.
  • 15 May 15
    01:30 AM
    Stop-loss short positions at 8,310. Stop- long positions at 8,155. A long 8,400c (65), short 8,500c (39) could gain 10-15 if 8,400 is struck.
  • 13 May 15
    08:15 AM
    Traders might initiate a fresh short for the week with a target expected 501.00 whereas stoploss would 531.00, Best trading strategy for traders would be sell on rise.
    04:30 AM
    NIFTYCurrent: 8,127 (fut: 8,130)Target: NAStop-loss shorts 8,205. Stop-long positions at 8,050.A long 7,900p (70), short 7,800p (49) costs 21. it could gain 15-20if the futures falls below 7,950-7,975.BANK NIFTYCurrent: 17,629 (futures:
  • 11 May 15
    09:22 AM
    The Nifty closed weekly in positive territory. It made a low of 7997.15 levels in this correction. It sharply bounced back from these levels & gained around 2% at the end of weekly trading session.
  • 08 May 15
    03:30 AM
    Stop-loss long positions at 7,990. Stop- short positions at 8,155. A move beyond those limits could go to 7,925, 8,225. A long 7,500p (20), long 8,500c (20) can be held with a 10-session perspective.
  • 07 May 15
    02:30 AM
    Stop loss shorts at 8,205. Stop long positions at 8,045. A long 7,900p (75), short 7,800p (53)will gain 10-15 if the 8,000 support is tested.


Company Price Gain (%)
Bharti Airtel425.305.98
M & M1,260.204.89
GAIL (India)389.902.30
Maruti Suzuki3,785.452.26
Coal India391.302.14


As selling pressure from FII continues, could the Nifty slip below 8,000 in the medium term?

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