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Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd - Directors' Report

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Directors` Report


On behalf of the Board of Directors, I have great pleasure in presenting to you the sixty-second Annual Report on the working of the Company, together with the Audited Accounts for the year ended 31st March, 2014.


2013-14 2012-13
Sales/Income from Operation 2,32,188.35 2,15,666.45
Profit before Depreciation, Interest and Tax 6,140.31 4,821.78
Depreciation (2,188.44) (1,934.42)
Interest (1,336.36) (1,412.80)
Profit before Tax 2,615.51 1,474.56
Provision for Tax
Current Tax 744.17 (250.58)
Deferred Tax 117.75 (440.95)
Taxation of earlier years written back 19.82 60.62
MAT Credit Entitlement - 61.06
Profit after Tax 1733.77 904.71
Balance brought forward from previous year 10,191.90 9,682.74
General Reserve (173.38) (90.47)
Debenture Redemption Reserve (net) 131.48 31.67
Proposed Dividend (524.87) (287.83)
Tax on distributed profits (89.20) (48.92)
Balance carried forward 11,269.70 10,191.90
Market Sales (Including Exports) 30.96 30.32
Crude Thruput:
Mumbai Refinery 7.74 7.75
Visakh Refinery 7.77 8.03
Earnings per Share 51.20 26.72
Cash Earnings per Share 119.30 96.86
Book Value per Share 443.32 405.35


Your Directors, after taking into account the financial results of the Company during the year, have recommended dividend of Rs. 15.50 per share for the year 2013-14 as against Rs. 8.50 per share paid for the year 2012-13. The dividend for 2013-14, including dividend tax provision will absorb Rs. 614.07 crores (2012-13: Rs. 336.75 crores).


Your Company has achieved sales/income from operations of Rs. 2,32,188.35 crores as compared to Rs. 2,15,666.45 crores in 2012-13.


Your Company has earned gross profit of Rs. 6,140.31 crores as against Rs. 4,821.78 crores in 2012-13 and profit after tax of Rs. 1,733.77 crores as compared to Rs. 904.71 crores in 2012-13.


The Internal Resources generated were Rs. 3,618.23 crores as compared to Rs. 3015.45 crores in 2012-13.


Your Company has contributed a sum of Rs. 36,423.47 crores to the exchequer by way of duties and taxes, as compared to Rs. 32,173.50 crores in 2012-13.


In terms of Section 217(2AA) of the Companies Act, 1956, your Directors state that:

(i) In the preparation of the Annual Accounts, all the applicable Accounting Standards have been followed along with proper explanation relating to material departures.

(ii) The Company has selected such Accounting Policies and applied them consistently and made judgments and estimates that are reasonable and prudent so as to give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Company as on 31st March, 2014 and of the Statement of Profit & Loss of the Company for the year ended on that date.

(iii) The Company has taken proper and sufficient care for the maintenance of adequate accounting records in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 for safeguarding the assets of the company and for preventing and detecting fraud and other irregularities.

(iv) These Accounts have been prepared on a going concern basis.


Your Company has been signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas. The performance of the Corporation of the year 2013-14 qualifies for "Excellent" rating basis self-evaluation.


During the year, your refineries processed a combined crude thruput of 15.51 MMT (15.78 MMT in 2012-13) with a capacity utilization of 105% of the installed capacity of 14.80 MMT.

The Combined distillate yield of 74.2% was realized by processing High Sulphur / Low Sulphur crude in the ratio of 59:41. The Overall MOU Rating for your refineries for parameters Viz. Crude throughput, Distillate yields, Specific Energy Consumption, Projects, Sustainable development, HSE and R&D stands at "Very Good" level.

Refineries have achieved best ever production in MS (2,676 TMT) and LOBS (386 TMT).

Gross refining margins of Mumbai Refinery averaged at US $ 5.38 per barrel as against US $ 2.08 per barrel for the year 2012-13. Gross refining margins of Visakh Refinery averaged at US $ 1.50 per barrel as against US $ 2.08 per barrel for the year 2012-13. Your Refineries strive to utilize every opportunity to effectively address capacity augmentation/yield improvement. Accordingly, Mumbai refinery has augmented Propane DeAsphalting (PDA) unit capacity resulting in enhanced Lube Base oil production and thereby improving distillate yields. Visakh Refinery has carried out augmentation jobs for Propylene Recovery Unit (PRU), commissioned chiller package and started using bottom cracker additive Fluidized Catalyst Cracking (FCC) unit, which resulted in reduced production of heavy ends. These efforts have resulted in the yield improvement at Visakh Refinery.

In order to reduce Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) and Sulphur emissions, your refineries have installed Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) facility. This will enable both the refineries to have flexibility to enhance High Sulphur Crude Processing as well.

To meet Euro-IV specifications for diesel, your refineries have set up Diesel Hydrotreater Units (DHT) with associated facilities at both Mumbai and Visakh Refinery. Mumbai Refinery has commissioned the facility during 2013-14. Visakh Refinery have accomplished mechanical completion of the unit, pre-commissioning/ commissioning activities are in progress.

Your refineries have taken part in the performance Benchmarking study along with the other refiners in the country conducted by M/s Solomon Associates under the aegis of CHT, the results of which has identified gaps in energy utilization. In order to bridge these gaps short and long term measures have been identified and will be implemented in a time bound manner.

Mumbai refinery has recorded the best ever Specific Energy Consumption (MBTU/BBL/NRGF) of 75.4 against MOU Excellent target of 87.0. Similarly, Visakh refinery has also achieved the best ever Specific Energy Consumption (MBTU/BBL/NRGF) of 83.9 against MoU Excellent target of 87.0.

Mumbai Refinery

The year 2013-14 has been remarkable for Mumbai Refinery with the crude throughput of 7.74 MMT as against installed capacity of 6.50 MMT with capacity utilization of 119%. It has achieved 73.5% Distillate yields and the corresponding Fuel & loss was 6.9% for the year.

Refinery recorded best ever production of HSD EURO III (2166 TMT), RPO (146 TMT) and LOBS (386 TMT) production through effective utilization of assets during 2013-14.

Visakh Refinery

Visakh Refinery achieved crude thruput of 7.77 MMT as against installed capacity of 8.30 MMT with capacity utilization of 85%. It has achieved 74.8 % Distillate yields and the corresponding Fuel & loss was 7.6% for the year.

The refinery recorded best ever production of LPG (423 TMT) and BS III MS (1100 TMT) during 2013-14.

The particulars with respect to Conservation of Energy, Technology Absorption, Foreign Exchange Earning & Outgo are detailed in Annexure I.

The particulars relating to control of Pollution and other initiatives by Refineries are listed in Annexure II of Directors’ Report.


During the year 2013-14 your Corporation has achieved sales volume (including exports) of 30.96 Million Tonnes as against 30.32 Million Tonnes recorded in 2012-13. HPCL recorded a growth of 4.1% in domestic Sales over the sales volume of the previous year, and amongst public sector oil companies increased its market share to 20.90% as on 31st March, 2014 from 20.19% recorded in the previous year.

During the year, your Corporation commissioned 723 new Retail Outlets, which include 223 retail outlets in the rural areas taking the total tally to 12,869 Retail Outlets. Your Corporation achieved a sales volume of 21.3 Million Tonnes and increased its market share in MS and HSD (combined) by 0.15%.

In the LPG business line, your Corporation achieved a sales volume of 4.205 Million Tonnes and enrolled 39.15 Lakhs new HP Gas customers taking their total to 432 lakhs as on 31st March, 2014. In order to provide LPG to rural India, your Corporation commissioned 219 distributors under the Rajiv Gandhi Gramin LPG Vitaran Yojana. Your Corporation also commissioned 95 Regular LPG distributors.

The Direct Sales Business line comprises of Industrial & Commercial (I & C) and Lubes & Greases. Your Corporation achieved a sales volume of 3.866 Million Tonnes in the I & C segment recording a market share gain of 1.79% (among PSUs). In the Lubes & Greases segment the sales recorded was 485 TMT with a growth of 15.3% and market share gain of 4.15%.

In the Aviation Business line, your Corporation achieved sales volume of 445 TMT during the year.

In the Natural Gas segment, your company has during the year formed a Joint Venture (JV) company HPCL Shapoorji Energy Limited (HSEL) with S P Ports Pvt. Ltd for setting up a LNG Re-gasification Terminal at Chara, Gujarat. In addition your company has taken 11% equity participation in gas pipelines Mehsana-Bhatinda-Jammu-Srinagar Pipeline (MBJSPL) and Mallavaram – Bhopal – Bhilwara – Vijapur pipeline (MBBVPL) along with GSPL, IOCL & BPCL which is being undertaken by JV Company GIGL and GITL.

A thruput of 43.28 Million Tonnes was handled by the POL installations and your Corporation’s pipeline network achieved a thruput of 15.69 Million Tonnes during the year.


The year 2013/14 was a challenging year from Treasury Management point of view. Starting on a stable note during the initial months, the rupee depreciation against dollar touched a peak of 27% in August 2013 before a series of measures were introduced. With the high Re depreciation and dependence on imported crude, management of foreign exchange liabilities, exchange rate variations and cost of funding posed huge challenges as these impact profitability. All these challenges were handled proactively and effectively and the financial year 2013-14 ended with significant lower interest and exchange variation costs.


During the year, the Vigilance Department, continuing with its endeavour to create an environment of proactive vigilance, carried out interactive sessions with Officials covering various locations. These sessions, inter alia, included topics of vigilance awareness and functioning, irregularities taking place in various works and aspects of preventive vigilance. The focus was both on preventive vigilance and investigative vigilance mechanism.

Some of the key contributions relate to reviews in various operating areas such as Project monitoring, Standardization of Dispensing euipments, IT procurement , vendor rating systems besides increasing the awareness through in house publications on various topics of business relevance ,field inspections, tender review etc.


Your Corporation continued its tradition of resolving issues through dialogue and maintaining a collaborative approach with Unions and workmen and other stake holders. This enabled enhancing productivity norms, redeployment of workmen across Marketing locations and Refinery Units at Mumbai Refinery & Visakh Refinery for commissioning of new Units/ rationalisation of Shifts. Regular meetings were held with the representatives of Unions to deliberate on various challenges and opportunities concerning Organisation as well as workmen.

A Leadership Development Programme for Union Representatives was developed and conducted in collaboration with Centre for Organization Development, Hyderabad with an objective to enhance the leadership capabilities of our Union Representatives. 30 Union Representatives attended the programme.


Official Language Implementation has been given utmost importance in the Corporation. Your Corporation was awarded the prestigious Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha Award for the sixth consecutive year by Home Ministry.

GMO EZ and LPG SBU NZ were awarded Regional Rajbhasha puraskar by Department of Official Language, Home Ministry. Under the Chairmanship of our C&MD, Mumbai TOLIC was awarded 2nd prize by Department of Official Language, Home Ministry.


Your Corporation has contributed to social development and empowerment of less privileged sections of society by taking initiatives under CSR. The corporation has aligned CSR with its business and made efforts for holistic growth of communities located in different parts of the country. The corporation invested Rs. 23.74 Crores in fields of Child Care, Education, Health Care, Skill Development and Community Development and have touched lives of weaker sections of society specially SC/ST, women and children.


The Corporation has complied with the requirements of Corporate Governance as provided under Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement and DPE Guidelines on Corporate Governance, with the exception of appointment of Independent Directors to the level of 50% of the total strength of the Board. The matter is being pursued with the Administrative Ministry.

The detailed Corporate Governance Report forms part of this Annual Report separately.


A detailed Management Discussion and Analysis Report is given separately.


A statement providing the information as required under Section 217 (2A) of the Companies Act, 1956 is given in Annexure III to this report. The details regarding the number of women employee’s vis--vis the total number of employees in each group is also given in Annexure IV.


In accordance with the general exemption granted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, the Annual Accounts and related information of the subsidiary companies are not being attached with the Balance Sheet of the Company. The Company will make available the Annual Accounts of the subsidiary companies and the related detailed information to any member of the company who may be interested in obtaining the same. The annual accounts of the subsidiary companies will also be kept open for inspection at the registered office of the Company and that of the respective subsidiary companies.


The Cost Audit for the financial year 2012-13 was carried out and the Cost Audit Reports were filed with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs before the stipulated date of filing.


HPCL Board presently comprises of 11 Directors. The Whole Time Directors are Smt. Nishi Vasudeva (Chairman & Managing Director), Shri Pushp Kumar Joshi (Director – HR), Shri K. V. Rao (Director – Finance), Shri B.K. Namdeo (Director – Refineries). The position of Director (Marketing) is presently vacant.

The Part-Time Ex-Officio Directors are Dr. S.C. Khuntia and Shri R.K. Singh. The Part-Time Non Official (Independent) Directors are Shri G.K. Pillai, A.C. Mahajan, Dr. G. Raghuram, Dr. Gitesh K. Shah and Rohit Khanna.

The following are the details of Directors appointment/ cessation:

• Shri Anil Razdan and Shri S.K. Roongta who had joined HPCL Board on January 10, 2011 ceased to be Part-Time Non Official (Independent) Directors of the Corporation effective January 09, 2014 on completion of their tenure of 03 years. The Board places on record its sincere appreciation to S/Shri Anil Razdan and S.K. Roongta for the valuable services rendered by them during their tenure as Directors of the Corporation.

• S/Shri G.K.Pillai, A.C. Mahajan and Dr. G. Raghuram who have joined HPCL Board on April 09, 2012 continue to be Part-Time Non Official (Independent) Directors of the Corporation.

• Dr. Gitesh K. Shah who has joined HPCL Board on February 26, 2013 as a Part-Time Non-Official (Independent) Director continues to be a Part-Time Non Official Director of the Corporation.

• Shri Rohit Khanna was appointed as Part-Time Non Official (Independent) Director on the Board of HPCL effective September 27, 2013.

• Shri S. Roy Choudhury, Chairman & Managing Director, retired from the services of the Corporation effective February 28, 2014 on attaining the age of superannuation. The Board places on record its sincere appreciation for the valuable services rendered by him during his tenure as Chairman and Managing Director of the Corporation.

• Smt. Nishi Vasudeva, Director (Marketing), was appointed as Chairman and Managing Director of the Corporation effective March 01, 2014. S/Shri Pushp Kumar Joshi, Director HR, K.V. Rao, Director (Finance) and B.K. Namdeo, Director (Refineries) continue as Whole – Time Directors of the Corporation.

As per the provisions of Section 152 of the Companies Act, 2013, Dr. S.C. Khuntia and Shri Pushp Kumar Joshi retire by rotation at the next Annual General Meeting and are eligible for reappointment.


The Directors gratefully acknowledge the valuable guidance and support extended by the Government of India, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, other Ministries, Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell and the State Governments.

The Directors also acknowledge the contribution made by the large number of dealers and distributors spread all over the country towards improving the service to our valued customers as well as for the overall performance of the Company.

The employees of the Company have continued to display their total commitment towards the pursuit of excellence. Your Directors take this opportunity to place on record their appreciation for the valuable contribution made by the employees and look forward to their services with zeal and dedication in the years ahead to enable the Company to scale even greater heights. Your Directors are thankful to the shareholders for their faith and continued support in the endeavors of the Company.

For and on behalf of the Board of Directors


Chairman & Managing Director

28th May, 2014

Annexure to Directors’ Report for the year 2013-14


Particulars with respect to Conservation of Energy, Technology Absorption and Foreign Exchange Earning/Outgo as per Companies (Disclosure of Particulars in the Report of Board of Directors) Rules, 1988.



a) Energy Conservation measures

HPCL refineries are committed towards conservation of energy and minimization of losses. In this endeavour, the refineries have taken part in the benchmarking studies organized by CHT in collaboration with M/s Solomon Associates, USA. The outcome of this study brought into light, the refineries performance in comparison to other refineries worldwide bearing similar configuration. The potential areas for improvement were identified and several measures were developed to implement the same under long term and short term strategies. Implementation of some of these measures has made it possible to restrict fuel and loss for Mumbai and Visakh refineries to 6.9% and 7.6% respectively in the FY 2013-14.

The energy conservation measures undertaken by both refineries during the year 2013-14 have resulted in a savings of 25,535 SRFT/year (standard refinery fuel tonnage per year). This translates to savings of Rs. 106 crores/ year approximately. The major energy conservation measures undertaken during 2013-14 are as follows:

Mumbai Refinery

1. In an effort to minimize fuel requirement, refinery has organized Energy Management study in crude distillation units, NSU & Prime G by M/s Energy Consultants. This initiative has resulted in significant fuel savings.

2. Installation of additional Convection rows in FR furnace had resulting in improved furnace efficiencies and fuel savings.

3. Optimization of steam consumption in units viz. DHDS/ISOM and FR and modification of SG 10 super heater has resulted in lower steam consumptions.

4. Replacement of Evaporator module for HRSG V has resulted in improved furnace efficiencies.

5. Replacement of catalyst in DUU has resulted in lower fuel gas requirements.

6. Periodic safety valves surveys were carried out with ultrasonic leak detector throughout the year resulting in potential hydrocarbon loss reduction.

7. Steam leak survey periodically carried out and replaced 961 Nos Steam traps all over the refinery.

Visakh Refinery

1. Installation of Magnetic Resonators on GTG-3 and GTG-6 has resulted in lower specific fuel consumption.

2. Achieved zero steam leak in Process Block (CDU-I, CDU-II, CDU-III, VBU, FCCU-I & FCCU-II) and P&U Block. With this total steam leak reduced to 1500 kg/hr.

3. FCCU-I condensate recovery system for recovery of condensate from steam tracing trap outlets & flash steam recovery using thermo-compressor was commissioned.

4. Implemented Air fuel ratio control system in CDU-III Atmospheric Furnace.

5. Antifoulant injection was carried out at SR side of crude/SR preheat exchangers, thus enabling reduced fouling of exchangers and hence resulting in energy savings.

6. PFD PCV at CDU-II is replaced with higher capacity control valve and vaporization increased, thereby reducing heater load.

7. FCCU-I condensate recovery system for recovery of condensate from steam tracing trap outlets & flash steam recovery using thermo-compressor was commissioned in April 2013.

8. Operating severity increased in both FCCUs. Catalyst circulation rate maximized. Correspondingly, heater load minimized in FCCU-I from 6.5 to 3 MMKcal/hr and in FCCU-II from 5 to 2.5 MMKcal/hr.

9. Identified fouled preheat exchangers in CDUs basis software and cleaning was carried out for sustaining preheat temperature.

10. Online chemical cleaning of CDU’s & DHDS furnaces was carried out, which resulted in reduced stack temperatures and increased heater efficiencies. This has resulted in potential savings in fuel consumption.

11. Achieved lowest ever SFC of 0.345 MT/MWH with respect to GTG operation, which is lower than previous year SFC of 0.352 MT/MWH by 2%.

Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight was observed both at Mumbai and Visakh refineries from 15th January to 31st January, 2014 to create awareness among the public for conservation of petroleum products. b) Impact of above on energy conservation measures and consequent impact on cost of production of goods Mumbai Refinery

The above energy conservation measures undertaken during the year 2013-14 have resulted in a savings of 13,449 SRFT/year (standard refinery fuel tonnage per year). This translates to savings of Rs. 54 crores/year approximately. The major measures considered for implementation in the future are additional convection rows in FR furnace, increase steam generation, Hot HVGO routing as feed in NFCCU, Steam trap management for refinery etc.

Visakh Refinery

The above energy conservation measures undertaken during the year 2013-14 have resulted in a savings of 12,086 SRFT/year (standard refinery fuel tonnage per year). This translates to savings of Rs. 52 crores/year approximately. The major measures considered in coming years are implementation of air-fuel controls in CDU’s, hot feed maximization to FCCUs, Oil recovery due to insitu processing of sludge, Continuous use of IBH boilers in place of less efficient WIL-8 & BHPV boilers etc. c) Total energy consumption and energy consumption per unit of production Please refer Form-A of the Annexure I to the Directors Report.

II) TECHNOLOGY ABSORPTION, ADAPTATION & INNOVATION a) Efforts made towards technology absorption, adaptation & innovation information is given in Form-B of the Annexure I to the Directors Report. b) Imported Technology (Imported during last 5 years) is tabulated below.

Technology Imported Year of Import Whether fully absorbed or not If not absorbed, Reasons
Mumbai Refinery
Solvent Deasphalting(SDA) 2009 No Project is under implementation
Diesel Hydro Treater (DHT) 2009 Yes
Isotherming Technology 2011 No Project is under implementation
Visakh Refinery
New type of nozzles in Wash Oil Distributor in Vacuum column 2010/12 Yes
Intelligent pigging of 36’’ crude line 2009 Yes
LOTIS inspection of Naphtha Steam Reformer tube 2009 Yes
New feed nozzles for FCCU-I 2012 Yes
Flue Gas Desulphurization units for FCCUs 2013 Yes
BCA for FCCUs 2013 Yes
PRU Revamp Project 2013 Yes

III) FOREIGN EXCHANGE EARNING AND OUTGO a) Activities relating to exports

Various initiatives have been taken to increase exports and for development of new Export markets for products and services. Efforts are on to access international markets and to tap export potential for free trade products and lubricants. b) Total Foreign Exchange used and earned

Please refer Notes to Accounts – 52 B, C, D & E.



2013-14 2012-13
(A) Power and Fuel Consumption
1 (a) Electricity Purchased
Units (Million KWH) 457.30 335.98
Total Amount (Rs./Crores) 342.40 238.59
Rate Per Unit (Excluding demand charges) (Rs./KWH) 7.10 6.75
Maximum Demand Charges (Rs./Crores) 16.30 11.80
(b) Own Generation
Through Steam Turbine / Generator
Units (Million KWH) 188.40 311.74
Units per Tonne of fuel 2,622.80 2,820.00
Cost per unit (Rs./KWH) 13.00 7.03
2 Furnace Oil / Liquid Fuel (LSHS/HSD)
Quantity (Thousand Tonnes) 135.50 141.14
Total amount (Rs./Crores) 520.30 509.23
Average rate (Rs./Ton) 38,405 36,080
3 Other/Internal Generation :
i. Naphtha
Quantity (Thousand Tonnes) 75.00 21.77
Total amount (Rs./Crores) 429.10 107.89
Average rate (Rs./Ton) 57,255 49,567
ii. LPG
Quantity (Thousand Tonnes) 7.80 6.22
Total amount (Rs./Crores) 44.20 31.64
Average rate (Rs./Ton) 56,777 50,870
iii. Refinery Gas
Quantity (Thousand Tonnes) 132.50 102.13
Total amount (Rs./Crores) 527.70 368.48
Average rate (Rs./Ton) 39,811 36,080
2013-14 2012-13
iv. BH Gas
Quantity (Thousand Tonnes) 3.80 3.46
Total amount (Rs./Crores) 5.30 4.42
Average rate (Rs./Ton) 13,906 12,774
Quantity (Thousand Tonnes) 29.70 156.44
Total amount (Rs./ Crores) 168.30 584.50
Average rate (Rs./Ton) 56,645 37,362
vi. Coke
Quantity (Thousand Tonnes) 77.60 75.27
Total amount (Rs./Crores) 297.90 271.59
Average rate (Rs./Ton) 38,405 36,080
(B) Consumption per Unit of Production
Electricity (KWH/ Ton of Crude) 83.40 83.60
Liquid Fuel (Ton/ Thousand Tonnes of Crude) 27.20 21.02
Gas (Ton/ Thousand Tonnes of Crude)* 22.50 34.62
Coke (Ton/ Thousand Tonnes of Crude) 10.03 9.72
* RLNG processing included.
2013-14 2012-13
(A) Power and Fuel Consumption
1 (a) Electricity Purchased
Units (Million KWH) 8.99 6.15
Total Amount (Rs./Crores) 12.84 6.20
Rate Per Unit (Excluding demand charges) (Rs./KWH) 7.25 4.96
Electricity Exported (Million KWH) 0.03 0.01
Maximum Demand Charges (Rs./Crores) 6.33 3.15
(b) Own Generation (CPP)
Units (Million KWH) 501.14 506.13
Units per Ton of fuel 2,897.89 2,843.41
Cost per unit (Rs./KWH) 10.18 9.38
2 Furnace Oil / LSHS
Quantity (Thousand Tonnes) 56.90 60.83
Total amount (Rs./Crores) 231.12 235.61
Average rate (Rs./Ton) 40,620 38,735
3 Other/Internal Generation :
i. CPP Fuel
Quantity (Thousand Tonnes) 172.93 178.00
2013-14 2012-13
Total amount (Rs./Crores) 957.62 908.53
Average rate (Rs./Ton) 55,375 51,040
ii. Naptha (DHDS)
Quantity (Thousand Tonnes) 27.99 30.36
Total amount (Rs./Crores) 155.36 155.46
Average rate (Rs./Ton) 55,501 51,197
iii. Refinery Gas
Quantity (Thousand Tonnes) 205.21 208.93
Total amount (Rs./Crores) 829.42 814.15
Average rate (Rs./Ton) 40,418 38,968
iv. Coke
Quantity (Thousand Tonnes) 86.00 79.37
Total amount (Rs./Crores) 348.21 309.69
Average rate (Rs./Ton) 40,489 39,018
(B) Consumption per Unit of Production
Electricity (KWH/ Ton of Crude) 65.63 63.81
Fuel Oil (Ton/ Thousand Tonnes of Crude) 33.17 33.53
Gas (Ton/ Thousand Tonnes of Crude) 26.40 26.02
Coke (Ton/ Thousand Tonnes of Crude) 11.06 9.89



Research & Development is envisaged to provide support to the Refineries and Marketing divisions for operational improvement, absorption of new technologies, developing innovative & path breaking technologies, license technologies and support external organizations and develop over long term into a knowledge hub and a profit Centre.

To realize this objective HPCL is putting up its R&D Centre at Bengaluru and this center will be involved in carrying out Research & Development activities in refinery technologies, nano-technology applications and also bio-fuels.

a) Hindustan Petroleum Green R&D Centre (HPGRDC) Project, Bengaluru

The project is being executed in a phased manner with phase-I investment of Rs. 312 Crores. The R&D Centre will be conforming to eco-friendly design norms and will consist of Nine Research Labs covering Crude Evaluation & Fuels Research, Hydroprocessing, Catalytic Cracking (FCC/RFCC), Catalysis, Process Modelling & Simulation, Bio Processes, Standard Testing, Analytical Lab and Centre for Excellence in Nano-Technology under Phase-I.

Various statutory approvals have been obtained for construction of main R&D Centre at Devangonthi, Bengaluru. Construction works for the R&D Centre are underway. An offsite lab & pilot plant facility has been set up in Bengaluru. Equipments have been procured and research activities have commenced. DSIR Recognition has been obtained for HPCL Corporate R&D center.

b) R&D Projects

An optimization study of FCC unit operation at Mumbai Refinery was carried out and successful field trial was conducted to establish higher cat/oil ratio operation with improved conversion. This is expected to improve Refinery margins by about Rs. 40 Crores per annum.

HPCL R&D has also undertaken collaborative R&D projects with various research institutes. Brief details of the projects are given below: Other Performance highlights including details of above are as follows:

In House R&D Projects:

• Off Site Laboratory at Devangonthi made fully functional with construction of Pilot Plant facility and major equipments like TBP, Pot Still, ACER MAT, Hydroprocessing unit and Steam Deactivation unit installed and commissioned.

• Developed Innovative Catalyst formulation & Process for improving yields in Vis Breaker Unit. Field trials carried out at VR have indicated improvement in the distillate yield by approx. 4-5 wt%. Permanent catalyst dosing facilities being put up and Implementation planned during Qtr-I of 2014-15.

• Novel Catalyst developed for Light Naphtha Aromatisation. Process development and scale up in progress. This has potential for upgrading Naphtha to Gasoline / Petrochemicals.

• Developed Lab Scale novel & high-efficient catalysts for Propylene maximization and Olefins reduction with performance in line with commercial catalysts.

• Breakthrough Achieved in isolation of Aerobic Microbe for Butanol production from Renewable Substrate with high selectivity and conversion to Butanol. LOBS Yield improvement of 2 to 4 wt% across grades is expected. Field trials planned during Qtr-I of 2014-15.

• Performance evaluation of Vendor FCC catalysts for Visakh Refinery carried out, resulting in savings in evaluation charges.

• Evaluation of GSR additive for MR UOP FCC Unit.

R&D Support to HMEL:

• Agreement made with M/s HMEL for providing R&D Services in FCC / Hydroprocessing units optimization / catalyst evaluations and Crude oil Assays.

• Enhancement of Propylene yield at HMEL FCC Unit by 3 wt% based on Additive/Catalyst formulation and optimization of unit operating parameters.

Collaborative R&D Projects:

• HiGee Project: Mechanical fabrication of HiGee unit completed with successful demonstration of liquid distribution using water. Assembly and installation at site would complete the project - a major milestone in Process Intensification.

• Demonstration H2 PSA unit at VR: Basic engineering design package completed and detail engineering is in final stages. Major orders placed for the unit such as tail gas compressor, pressure vessels and site execution PMC services. Tail gas compressor which is the major equipment of the unit has been received at VR site. Site works are in progress.

• Collaborative R&D Projects funded thru Hydrogen Corpus fund completed:

• Project with M/s GITAM University, Visakhapatnam on "Design and construction of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Storage of Hydrogen" successfully completed. 12 novel and high-efficient MOF materials with maximum Hydrogen storage capacity upto 6-8 wt% were developed.

• Project with IIT Delhi on "Hydrogen production through Catalytic Decomposition of Natural Gas" successfully completed. An innovative ‘Ni’ based catalyst system with highest methane conversion of 93% was developed.

• Project with IIT Madras on "Chemical Mitigation of Carbon Dioxide to Fuels and Chemicals" successfully completed. A novel ‘Titania’ based photocatalyst with highest-ever CO2 conversion of 2.3% was developed.

• Project with GITAM for Air Pollution Studies at Visakhapatnam completed. Report under preparation.

• Indo US Energy Consortia Projects on Solar Energy and Bio Fuels commenced.

• New collaborative R&D project initiated with IIT Delhi titled "Fluidized Bed Reactor Studies for Hydrogen Production via Catalytic Decomposition of Methane" with an objective to develop a novel catalytic process for hydrogen production using fluidized bed reactor with in-situ catalyst regeneration.

HP Green R&D Centre Project, Bangalore:

Construction of all major buildings foundation, sub-structure and superstructure completed. Brick work, plastering, plumbing, flooring, HVAC, firefighting, electrical and glazing works, Road Works in advanced stage.


Mumbai Refinery

a) DHT Complex progressively commissioned for Euro–IV compliance of HSD.

b) PDA unit was revamped and successfully commissioned, which resulted in Capacity increase from 65 to 90m3/hr and specific energy reduction of about 20% using supercritical Process.

c) 20.1 TMT LSHS sourced from BPCL and processed at NFCCU successfully, converting to high value products.

d) For the first time, DHDS catalyst sulphiding was done by raw diesel which is an alternative to DMDS. This saved about 22.5 tons of DMDS costing 40 Lakhs and also hazards related to use of DMDS were avoided.

e) DHDS Catalyst Replacement (R-2 Reactor): Restarted the DHDS unit after replacing catalyst partially in reactor (R2). After catalyst replacement the diesel product sulfur level achieved on an average of 150 ppm from previous levels of 290-300 ppm.

f) Facilitated signing of the Sales and Purchase agreement with BPCL for H2 transfer which helped in speedy restarting of various H2 consuming units such as DUU/LOBS in case of CCR/HGU shutdown.

g) Study done to accommodate two additional pre-heat exchangers procured under LR VPS revamp with existing pre-heat circuit. MOC/Scheme for adding 2 new preheat has been completed. Savings ~ 1817 SRFT/annum.

h) As a yield improvement measure the refinery has installed State of the art technology Catalyst Cooler facility in NFCCU during the first quarter of 2012. This has resulted in ability to process heavier feed there by upgrading bottoms.

i) Commissioning of Propane recovery facility from DWO in the third quarter of 2012 has resulted in reduction of propane intake to refinery substantially.

j) Optimization activities Viz. Heat Recovery in CCR feed section, Hydrogen Generation Unit thruput and steam consumption in various operating units were carried out. These undertakings have resulted in reducing the fuel cost.

k) Implementation of scheme to route Hydrogen rich Purge Gases (94%) from LOUP to NMP III Hydro finer has resulted in reduced operating cost.

Visakh Refinery

a) Propylene splitter provided (in PRU) with high capacity ultra-fract trays and compabloc exchangers provided for condenser & reboiler services.

b) Commissioning of Flue gas Desulphurization units (FGDU) for both FCCUs.

c) Hot well off gas amine absorbers (very low pressure amine absorber which is a new technology) commissioned in CDU- II & CDU-III. H2S in off gas reduced from ~ 10 vol% to 400 ppm.

d) Commissioned Chiller package for enhancing LPG recovery from tail gas in FCCU-I GCU. LPG yield increased by 0.6 wt. %. Coalescers on HP liquid and intercooler recycle gasoline commissioned.

e) Commissioned Neutralizer (Ammonia) injection facility to VBU main column. Main column boot water pH improved to 6.5 from 4.5.

f) Bottoms Cracking Additive (BCA) usage started in FCCU-I in July 2013; 2% reduction in CLO yield observed.

g) Commissioned PRU after completion of revamp project (Capacity augmentation from 23000 TPA to 65000 TPA).

h) In position cleaning of pre-heat exchangers was carried out in CDU-I and CDU-II.

i) Processing of RIL condensate (Opportunity crude).

j) APC provided and commissioned for FCC-NHT. k) Use of riser naphtha in FCCU-II.

l) Online sulfur analyzer for diesel & viscosity analyzer for fuel oil commissioned and quality give away reduced.

m) APC software and hardware up gradation carried out with latest systems and remote monitoring system for APC commissioned.

Major Ongoing Projects

a) Diesel Hydro-Treating Project (DHT) at Mumbai and Visakh Refineries

HPCL is setting up Diesel Hydrotreater Units (DHT) of 2.2 MMTPA each with associated facilities at both Mumbai and Visakh Refinery to meet Euro-IV specifications for diesel as per the Auto Fuel Policy. MR has commissioned the facility during 2013-14 and VR have accomplished mechanical completion of DHT unit. Commissioning and stabilization of the units are scheduled during the first quarter of the 2014-15.

b) DHDS Revamp at Mumbai Refinery

Objective of the project is to increase the thruput from 4950 to 6825 T/D and improve Diesel quality from Euro-III to Euro-IV/V by adopting DuPont technology of Isotherming. Orders for all equipment have been placed. Detailed Engineering activities are currently in progress and the project is expected to be implemented by the 4th quarter of 2014-15 subject to outage of the running plant considering production plan/exigencies for the year.



a) Hazardous Waste Management

The indigenously developed ‘Oil-zapper’ technology of The Energy Research Institute (TERI) has been deployed to treat oil sludge generated in the refinery. Oil zapper is essentially a cocktail of five different bacterial strains that feed on hydrocarbon compounds and convert them into harmless CO2 and water. This is an ongoing process at Mumbai refinery for low oily silt/ oily sediments after mechanical recovery of oil.

The refinery has disposed 429 MT of spent catalysts and discarded chemicals to the registered "Common hazardous Wastes Treatment Storage Disposal Facility" (CHWTSDF) operated by Mumbai Waste Management Limited.

b) Air Emission Control and Monitoring

Continuous Ambient Air Stations are being upgraded with new continuous monitoring facilities for additional parameters viz, Ozone, PM 2.5, Benzene & Ammonia. Apart from online monitoring, manual Monitoring of ambient air as per NAAQS is being carried out by external MoEF approved laboratory.

All quality parameters of the ambient air were conforming to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) during the year.

Flue Gas scrubbing unit and Purge Treatment unit is installed and commissioned to control Sulphur Dioxide and Suspended particulate matter wherein more than 90% of these pollutants are reduced before letting the flue gas into the atmosphere.

c) Effluent Water Treatment and Control

State of the art New Integrated Effluent Treatment Plant consisting of primary, secondary and tertiary treatment sections has been in operation consistently since 2010 with a design capacity of 300m3/hr. The technology conforms to existing MINAS (environment standards) and can also cater to further stringent standards in the future. The purified treated water is being recycled for refinery consumption and has reduced intake of fresh water from the municipal corporation.

Additionally, Mumbai refinery has contributed significantly to Natural Resource conservation by recycling of effluent water. Water conserved during the year 2013-14 was ~ 565000 KL. Cumulative water recycled since the inception of the "Effluent Treatment Plant" is 1,598,251KL thereby saving equivalent amount of Natural Water resource for the community.

d) Other Initiatives

Rain Water Harvesting – Mumbai Refinery has constructed necessary infrastructure and has harvested about 133000 KL of rainwater. Further augmentation of rain water management facility is in progress as a part of Natural Water Resource Conservation and sustainable development Project including reduction in refinery carbon foot print.

Ground Water Quality Monitoring – Ground water aquifers are monitored for quality (IS 10500: 1991) regularly with a network of bore-wells spread across entire geographical area of the refinery. Roof top rain water harvesting has been undertaken in refineries.

Leak Detection and & Repair (LDAR) programme was carried out to identify and control fugitive emissions from equipment leaks.

Visakh Refinery a) Hazardous Waste Management

All spent catalysts and discarded chemicals were disposed of to the authorized Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) recyclers. Oily sludge processing plant by M/s Plant Tech Mid Continent (I) Pvt. Ltd commissioned in February 2014 and approximately 575 m3 of sludge processed. Order placed on M/s TERI for carrying out bio-remediation of oily sludge at refinery.

b) Air Emission Control and Monitoring

Data acquisition system was installed by M/s Thermo fisher at all the three CAAQMS. Online connectivity to CPCB server was established in addition to the existing connectivity to APPCB server. Installation of Flue gas Desulphurization Units in FCCU-I and FCCU-II commissioned towards reduction in SPM and SO2 emissions. Stack analyzers installed and commissioned for IBH boiler.

Odour study is being taken up by IISc Bengaluru , Ambient air sample collection by IISc team is in progress.

c) Effluent Water Treatment and Control

Overall compliance to the MINAS (environment standards) has enhanced. To improve the performance of bio-system in ETP- II, special bacterial culture (Microbe-Lift) addition was carried out during the year. A feasibility study by EIL is undertaken towards integration of ETPs and report is under review. Purge Treating Unit (PTU) commissioned in July 2013.

d) Other Initiatives

ISO 14001 – ISO-14001 certification renewed. Internal audits and surveillance audits were conducted as per annual plan.

HAZOP Study (Phase-IV)- Completed

Process Safety Management (PSM) Procedures were released; implementation of the same is in progress in a phased manner.

MOU between VPT and oil marketing companies renewed for setting up of Tier-I facilities for oil spill response.

Leak Detection and & Repair (LDAR)- LDAR survey completed for all process units and offsite areas towards monitoring fugitive emissions.

SWRO plant was revived and RO skid old membranes were replaced with new ones. Treated water is being used to augment fresh water supply.

World Environment Day (June 5) – was celebrated and saplings were distributed on the occasion.

Process safety Management – A study on ‘Quantitative Risk Assessment’ is completed by M/s DNV for identifying and addressing potential process risks.

Green Visakha Program – As a part of the initiative 68885 saplings were planted in the designated locations of Visakhapatnam.


To conform to the DPE guidelines on Sustainability Development, HSE Department has undertaken the following initiatives;

• Sustainable development Policy for the corporation prepared and approved by the Board. Formation of Board level SD monitoring committee.

• Identification and development of SD projects proposed by various SBUs, approved by the Board.


• 14th National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2013 for "Energy Efficient Unit" by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for Mumbai refinery

• Oil & Gas Conservation Fortnight Award 2012 for Furnace/Boiler Insulation Effectiveness by Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas for Mumbai refinery

Annexure - III

Information as per section 217(2A), read with Companies (Particulars of Employment) Rules, 1975 and forming part of the Directors’ Report for the period 1st April, 2013 to 31st March, 2014.

Sr. NAME Designation / Nature of Duties Remuneration Qualification Experience (Years) Date of Joining Age Last Employement
No. (Rs.)
1 AMBRE G B Finance Superintendent 28,94,178 SSC/SSLC 39 01-10-1974 60 Nil
2 APPALA RAJU G CHARGEMAN-MAINTENANCE 27,34,914 Non SSC 35 21-12-1978 60 Nil
3 AREKAR V S Manager - Operations 30,02,406 B.COM 34 28-01-1980 60 Nil
5 ASHOKE KUMAR DAS Chief Administrative Assistant 29,18,912 BSC 32 01-12-1981 60 Nil
6 ATHAVALE A D Deputy Manager - Production 30,26,575 BSC 30 05-10-1983 60 Sunil Chemical Works, Turbhe
7 ATRI ARVIND MOHAN Officer on Special Duty 65,12,650 DCE (Civil) 36 07-02-1978 60 New Delhi Muncipal Committee Town Hall New Delhi
8 B S SHANKARAPPA SR LPG OPERATOR 10,29,922 SSC/SSLC 19 20-02-1995 60 5 Engineer Regiment, Indian Army
9 B.RAMAKRISHNA Chief Manager-Operations 23,87,409 B Tech (Mechanical) 30 21-11-1983 53 Nil
10 BANDEKAR PRATIMA Manager-RE and MIS 35,30,705 BA 36 21-11-1977 60 Pharchemets, Bombay
11 BAWKAR A S SR OPERATOR(SG) 23,70,837 SSC/SSLC 39 09-10-1974 60 Nil
12 BELLAM RAMAKRISHNA RAO Manager - Finance 50,62,970 B.COM 30 27-03-1984 60 Nil
13 BHATIA RAJENDRA KISHINCHAND Senior Manager - CSand P 60,04,057 BE(Mech),DBM,Dip in Industrial 32 02-03-1982 60 A.F. Fergusons Mgmt. Consulatant
14 BHIMA RAJU R CHARGEMAN - MAINT 37,20,600 SSC/SSLC,ITI /NCTVT Fitter,BA 35 19-12-1978 60 Nil
15 BHOSALE L S Chief Administrative Superinte 37,51,054 BA 40 15-02-1974 60 ESSO
16 C GUNASEKARAN Station Manager 25,24,075 BE(Civil),ME Hydrology 22 02-03-1992 49 IIT, Madras
17 C.LALIT KUMAR Senior Manager Operations 61,90,173 LLB,M.COM 28 16-12-1985 60 Indian Bank Visakhapatnam
18 C.T.JOSEPH Chief Manager - Aviation 55,08,014 MA 35 05-04-1979 60 The State industrial & Inve.Corp.
Ltd. Mumbai
19 CHACKO K C Manager - Operations 59,91,150 MA 32 01-03-1982 60 Punjab Presthessed Contact
20 CHANDALE T R Manager - Opns Shift 35,79,909 BSC 34 05-11-1979 60 Chemical Developments & Const. Corp., Thane
22 CHAWLA G M Finance Superintendent 20,42,235 SSC/SSLC 35 21-11-1978 60 Nil
23 CHINNATHAMBI R GENERAL SERVICE ASSISTANT 12,39,512 Non SSC 26 04-07-1988 60 Nil
24 CHOUDHURY S R Chairman & Managing Director 77,78,897 BE(Mech) 32 21-06-1982 60 Assam Oil Company, Digboi
25 CHOUGULE R B Senior Manager - Finance 63,67,985 B.COM 36 01-11-1977 60 Larsen & Tourbo Ltd. Mumbai
26 CHRISTINA DEMELLO Senior Officer-CSC 40,55,480 MA 33 01-07-1981 60 St. Francis College, Lucknow
28 DALVI N D Administrative Superintendent 29,18,837 SSC/SSLC 34 01-09-1980 60 Nil
29 DAMLE DEEPAK PURUSHOTTAM Senior Manager - IS 29,09,584 B.COM 37 01-06-1977 60 Bajaj Auto Akurdi Pune
30 DAS PROTAP CH GEN. SERVICE ASST. 13,09,138 SSC/SSLC 32 01-12-1981 60 Nil
31 DESAI P G JR.PLANT OPERATOR 16,50,594 SSC/SSLC 35 20-06-1979 60 M&M Enterprises, Mumbai.
32 DESHPANDE D K Executive Director-(HSE Corpor 63,60,385 BE (Chemical),DMS 35 18-12-1978 60 Ion - Exchange (I) Ltd, Mumbai
33 DESHPANDE S N Chief Administrative Superinte 37,80,791 B.COM 39 14-10-1974 60 Nil
34 DHAS B A INDUSTRIAL SERVICE AID 26,30,277 Non SSC 33 04-02-1981 60 Milton`s Ltd., Mumbai
35 DHODIA RANCHOD KIKU Senior Manager 67,15,087 BSC 34 20-09-1980 60 T.R.O.1,Yashkamal, Baroda
36 DHURVE A S GEN. SERVICE ASST. 13,44,968 SSC/SSLC 33 01-06-1981 60 Nil
37 DIPAK KUMAR Administrative Superintendent 30,44,793 BSC 30 23-06-1984 60 Nil
38 DIVE S B PLANT-OPERATOR 15,93,358 Non SSC 30 01-10-1983 60 Nil
39 D`SOUZA R R Chief Finance Superintendent 37,14,055 BA 39 09-10-1974 60 Nil
40 GAUR RAVI DUTT Deputy General Manager - Purch 63,15,268 DPM,MSC Organic Chemistry 31 08-11-1982 58 K.C.C.Khetrinagar
41 GAVANKAR H D Administrative Superintendent 35,77,580 SSC/SSLC 38 19-12-1975 60 Voltas Ltd , Thane
42 GAWARE POPAT N General Service Assistant 12,58,472 Non SSC 25 17-10-1988 60 Nil
43 GHADGE B S CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE ASST. 25,46,158 BA 34 01-04-1980 60 Dir. Office of Eco. & Stat. Dept., Fort
44 GHARAT A D Sr. Service Station Optr (SG) 26,35,571 SSC/SSLC 35 23-01-1979 60 Naval Transport Pool, Colaba- 5
45 GHEVDE P S CHIEF SECRETARIAL ASST. 32,48,531 SSC/SSLC 40 22-11-1973 60 Agricultural Fin. Corp. Ltd., Mumbai
46 GHOSH JOYDEV Operations Superintendent 24,57,904 BA 28 24-10-1985 60 Nil
47 GHOSH PRIYA MADHAB Fitter 19,54,032 HSC/Inter/PUC 31 01-11-1982 60 Industrial Handling Equipment (Pvt Company), Garia, Kolkata
48 GUNASEKARAN R Chief Administrative Superinte 31,35,611 B.COM 35 12-09-1979 60 Nil
49 GUSAI ANANDSINGH GABARSINGH Chief Finance Superintendent 42,12,776 SSC/SSLC 42 01-11-1971 60 Esso Inc
50 HOTA DEEPAK KUMAR General Manager - Natural Gas 39,42,510 BA,PG (PM&IR) 31 15-04-1983 53 Nil
51 INDULKAR S Y Ch. Operations Superintendent 34,70,422 BA 32 23-12-1981 60 Nil
52 IYER R R Chief Manager - DHT Commission 50,83,198 ITI,B.COM 40 11-09-1974 60 Burmah Shell Refineries Ltd. Mumbai
53 IYER VENKATARAMAN CHIEF SECRETARIAL ASST. 20,15,511 B.COM 32 02-12-1981 60 The Shamrao Vithal Co-op.
V S Bank Ltd
54 JEVENIUS TOPPO Finance Superintendent 26,01,367 BA 27 28-05-1987 60 BHEL - Madhya Pradesh
55 JIBKATE R P Sr.Mobile Assistant 20,69,046 HSC/Inter/PUC 30 12-03-1984 59 Crops of Military Police, C M P Center
56 JOSHI HARSHALA S Chief Administrative Superinte 24,55,514 BA 35 23-10-1978 60 Nil
57 K M NAIR Ch. Administrative Assistant 28,94,199 B.COM 34 03-07-1980 60 Nil
58 KAMATH G G chief admin assistant 31,21,409 SSC/SSLC,BA 41 18-09-1973 60 Nil
59 KAMTHE G M SR. PLANT OPERATOR(SG) 24,17,046 SSC/SSLC 32 17-05-1982 60 Bhagdeshwar Kamgar Mandal
60 KASABE RAMESH DAGADU Manager - Aviation 63,32,052 B.COM 35 01-12-1978 60 Registar of Compnies
61 KATKAR RAMCHANDRA N GEN. SERVICE ASST. 16,80,898 Non SSC 29 10-12-1984 60 Nil
62 KATKE S S CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE ASST. 29,95,168 BA 33 07-09-1981 60 Nil
63 KATPARA DHIRAJLAL V Chief Administrative Superinte 28,43,902 BA 32 04-01-1982 60 Nil
64 KAVALE SHRIKRISHNA YASHWANT Dy Manager - LRE-II 31,44,275 BSC 32 01-09-1982 60 Dyes & Dispersing Agents Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
65 KAYAL DIPAK Manager - Operations 51,78,246 BE(Mech) 35 08-03-1979 60 Blue Bell Steel Fabricator (Pvt Company)-Durgapur
66 KHANDKAR R S CHIEF ACCOUNTS ASST. 21,64,502 B.COM 35 01-08-1979 60 Deccan Group of Ind., Bandra
67 KHEDKAR B B Chief Finance Superintendent 32,06,231 BA 33 13-10-1980 60 Shipping Corporation
68 KHERGAMKAR NIRMALA SUDHIR Manager - HR 45,42,786 BA 34 02-01-1980 60 Nil
69 KOLHE GIRDHAR NATHU Manager - Production 38,85,921 BSC 31 23-05-1983 60 Atuleena Chemicals
70 KOTAGIRI MURALI Director - Refineries 40,54,240 B Tech ( Chemical) 38 16-02-1976 60 Caltex Oil Company
71 KRISHNA RAO T Manager - Maintenance 28,33,573 SSC/SSLC,ITI /NCTVT Machinist 35 04-01-1979 60 Nil
72 KULKARNI P T Chief Manager - HSE (Mktg) 44,79,239 BSC,DBM,DMM 40 06-12-1973 60 Shri Satguru Seva Sangh Trust,Mumbai
73 KUMAR DALJIT COMCO Officer 28,75,923 BA 27 11-12-1986 60 Nil
74 KUMAR G N SENIOR ADMINSTRATIVE ASSISTANT 24,06,217 M.COM,M Phil 31 10-11-1982 60 Nil
75 KURELLA GANESWARA RAO Senior manager-LPG Operations 40,85,630 B Tech ( Chemical) 32 22-03-1982 60 Lecturer Applied Chemistry Shreeramnagar
76 L R MENDON SR. PLANT OPERATOR(SPL. GRADE) 18,98,168 SSC/SSLC 34 11-02-1980 60 Nil
77 LABAN K CHARGEMAN - OPNS 36,98,314 SSC/SSLC 35 26-06-1979 60 Nil
78 LADKE RAMESH RAMRAO CHIEF MAINT. TECHNICIAN 20,48,257 Non SSC 32 03-11-1981 60 Sanjeevan Const. Co., Mumbai
79 LIBEIRO JOSEPH SYLVESTER DGM - Development 43,24,125 BSC 38 27-10-1975 60 Cathalic Relief Services USCC Bombay
80 LODIWALE V R CHIEF ACCOUNTS ASST. 30,26,246 B.COM,MA 30 02-05-1984 60 The Accountant General, Maharashtra, Nagpur
81 LOKREY SHOBHA PRADEEP CHIEF SECRETARIAL ASST. 35,10,127 BA 31 01-02-1983 60 Reliance Textile Ind. Ltd., Mumbai
82 MAHESHWARI L N Deputy General Manager - Logis 72,03,625 Boiler Proficiency,B Tech (Mec 33 12-12-1980 60 Century Spg. & Mfg. Co.Ltd. Mumbai.
83 MAHESWARASARMA CHARGEMAN - OPNS 35,74,206 SSC/SSLC,Boiler Attendant 31 14-02-1983 60 The ECA & IS Ltd, Etikoppaka, Visakhpatnam Dist
84 MALHOTRA S C Addl.Director & RC, NR 60,52,245 DEE 36 07-04-1978 60 C.PW.D, I.P. Bhawan New Delhi
85 MANE DATTA T MOBILE ASSISTANT 16,89,073 SSC/SSLC 30 27-12-1983 60 Nil
86 MANIKYALA RAO G V CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 26,07,723 SSC/SSLC 31 01-09-1983 60 Waltair Park Housing colony
87 MISHRA SURESHCHAND LALTAPRASAD Manager - Field Shift - LR 35,55,774 Boiler Attendant,BSC 38 03-03-1976 60 Nil
88 MOHAN RAO I Manager - Maintenance (Instrum 30,17,067 SSC/SSLC,ITI /NCTVT Machinist 35 20-12-1978 60 Nil
89 MOMIN HARUN B General Service Assistant 12,64,767 Non SSC 23 12-04-1991 60 Nil
90 MORE J Y Chief Accouts Assistant 21,67,131 BA 29 07-12-1984 60 Nil
91 MOSES PAUL RAJ K Manager - LPG Operations 55,52,961 BSC,MA 36 15-06-1978 60 Nil
92 MUKADAM Y N Chief Administrative Superinte 25,31,286 BA 34 22-07-1980 60 Nil
93 MUKHERJEE B Director - Finance 49,57,948 BSC,FCA/ACA 35 08-03-1979 60 Price Waterhouse & Co.
95 NAIR N S Senior Installation Manager 64,10,836 BSC,LLB 36 20-03-1978 60 Pure Drinks Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
96 Nalini Aneja Finance Superintendent 14,84,124 BA 28 17-09-1986 57 Nil
97 NARASIMHAM M Dy Manager - Maintenance 30,36,606 SSC/SSLC 35 18-12-1978 60 Naval dockyard, Vizag
98 NASRULLAH MOHAMMED Chief Manager - Infrastructure 62,39,193 BE(Mech),MS 35 24-09-1979 60 Siddaganger Institute of Technology Tumkur
99 NURANI S S Manager Minas /LPG /Storage/Se 40,16,390 BSC 34 08-05-1980 60 Craftic Lab, Vileparle, Mumbai
100 PATABALLASHYAM PRASAD CH SECR ASST 17,28,157 B.COM 21 25-01-1993 46 Nil
101 PATIL ASHOK DATTATRAY Chief Manager- Maintenance Of 40,71,023 BE(Mech) 34 10-03-1980 60 Sudarshan Chemical Ind. Ltd. Roha
102 PATIL RAMADAS B GEN. SERVICE ASST. 10,07,733 Non SSC 26 15-07-1988 60 Nil
103 PATRO JAMMULA SANKAR NARAYAN Senior Manager - Project Finan 27,48,549 B.COM,FCA/ACA 19 01-06-1995 47 Rankay Inve. & Trading Co. Ltd. New Delhi
104 PAWAR H A JR. PLANT OPERATOR 14,93,273 SSC/SSLC 29 05-01-1985 60 Nil
105 PAWAR NAVNATH T HEAD SECURITY GUARD 14,92,792 SSC/SSLC 24 29-03-1990 60 Indian Army
106 PAWAR RAMCHANDRA B GEN. SERVICES ASST. 10,36,746 Non SSC 24 23-05-1990 60 Army Medical Corps.
107 PENDSE SEEMA SAURABH Manager - Finance 11,04,419 B.COM,FCA/ACA 9 20-10-2004 32 Nil
108 PEREIRA SHIRLEY PATRICIA Senior Manager-IS 42,05,685 BA,DMM,PGDPM 38 15-10-1975 60 M/s. Tata Electric Co.
109 PRADHAN O P ED-PCPIR Project 53,39,516 BSC,DMIT,MBA 33 05-12-1980 60 Indian Oil Corpotion Ltd. Begusarai
110 PRAFUL JOSHI Administrative Superintendent 26,39,038 BA,LLB 40 21-09-1974 60 Nil
111 PRASAD CHANDRIKA SR. LPG OPERATOR 12,61,788 Non SSC 23 15-12-1990 60 Indian Army, (ASC Centre (South)
112 PRASAD S S Dy Manager - QC 30,71,241 BSC 33 22-05-1981 60 Chemical Complex Industries
113 PYNE PRATAP KUMAR Chief Administrative Superinte 30,59,747 BSC,LLB 30 01-08-1984 60 Nil
114 RAGHUPATI PANDU A PHARM./COMPOUNDER 24,97,213 HSC/Inter/PUC,Dip in Pharm 26 04-04-1988 60 Indian Air Force
115 RAJAN K PILLAI Chief Executive Officer 66,54,951 B Tech (Mechanical),ME 36 01-05-1978 60 Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
116 RAJAN KUTTIYIL Manager - Finance 45,88,694 B.COM,DAM 32 02-04-1982 60 International Airport Authority of India
117 RAJENDRA DIXIT OPERATOR 10,54,312 Non SSC 30 15-02-1984 57 Nil
118 RAM KUMAR Sr. Mobile Assistant 15,68,400 HSC/Inter/PUC 23 01-04-1991 60 Ex service men - Army
119 RAMACHANDRAN K Chief Finance Superintendent 23,64,457 B.COM 35 09-01-1979 60 Nil
120 RAWAL PRADEEP MAHENDRABHAI Senior Manager- OSD 57,17,910 LLB,PGDBM,M.COM 40 05-04-1974 60 Maneklal & Sons Ahmedabad
121 ROY RAMANUJ General Manager - Corporate Ac 64,66,290 BSC,FCA/ACA 32 19-10-1981 60 M/s.Ford, Rhodes, Parks & Co.Kolkatta
122 S A KHANVILKAR SR. PLANT OPERATOR 29,17,137 SSC/SSLC 31 19-05-1983 60 Nil
123 SAHA P K Maintenance Technician 32,31,607 SSC/SSLC 38 01-07-1976 60 Nil
124 SAKAT S B Finance Superintendent 18,20,221 SSC/SSLC,BA 28 15-07-1986 60 Nil
125 SALAHUDDIN MOHD NABI SHAIKH SR. PLANT OPERATOR(SG) 25,53,155 Non SSC 42 04-11-1971 60 Nil
126 SALI A S SR.ELECT.CUM OPERATOR 22,49,429 SSC/SSLC,ITI /NCTVT-Electrical 32 16-11-1981 60 Raghuvanshi Mills Ltd.
127 SANAYE S R SR. Plantoperator 27,05,511 SSC/SSLC 32 08-02-1982 60 Nil
128 SANE R A Manager - Field Shift - LR 66,76,054 BSC 35 03-09-1979 60 Nil
129 SATYANARAYANA CH Engineer - Maintenance 24,99,625 SSC/SSLC,ITI /NCTVT Welder 30 16-07-1984 60 Visakhpatnam Port Trust
130 SAWALE D Y Ch. Operations Superintendent 37,90,858 MA 31 20-06-1983 60 Nil
131 SAWANT AVINASH S CHIEF MAINT. TECHNICIAN 17,16,397 SSC/SSLC 37 05-01-1977 60 Agrawal Steel Ind., Mumbai
132 SEETARAMA RAO P Senior Manager - Housing Compl 35,81,246 BSC 38 08-06-1976 60 Caltex Oil Refinery
133 SHAH M K Chief Manager - Finance 53,27,867 B.COM 40 01-02-1974 60 H B D Machines Mfg. Corp. Mumbai
134 SHAH P P Ch. Operations Superintendent 24,00,710 SSC/SSLC,B.COM 33 06-11-1980 60 Nil
135 SHAHANI NARESH HASSOMAL Senior Manager - Installation 49,28,858 MSC 34 12-10-1979 60 Nil
136 SHETH NIRANJAN M CHIEF MAINT. TECHNICIAN 27,50,905 DME 43 01-09-1971 60 Nil
137 SIMON MAJHI Deputy Manager - Operations 19,85,348 BA,MBA 29 04-07-1985 59 Director of Technical Edu. & Training Cuttack
138 SONI B B Station Incharge 42,13,061 MA 40 17-10-1973 60 Nil
139 SOVITKAR ANILKUMAR JAIKUMAR Manager -Office Supplies 39,08,435 BSC,DBM,DCM 38 01-04-1976 60 T.T.Blades Sakinaka Bombay
140 SUBBARAO NALLA SR F&S INSPECTOR 23,11,763 BA,Sub Officere course - Fire 22 09-04-1992 60 National Fertilisers Ltd as Security
141 SUBRAHMANYAM K CHARGEMAN-MAINTENANCE 27,04,641 Non SSC 35 31-08-1979 60 East Coast Gas Company
142 SUBRAHMANYAM U CHARGEMAN - MAINT 30,29,067 Non SSC 33 08-01-1981 60 A P Electrical Equipment Corporation
143 SURESH CH S CHIEF SECRETARIAL ASSISTANT 33,29,133 B.COM 33 01-04-1981 60 The City Commercial Institute
144 SURYAMOHAN S CHARGEMAN - MAINT 32,98,614 Non SSC 35 19-12-1978 60 Prestels & Fabrications(P) Ltd
145 SURYANARAYANA J CHARGEMAN - MAINT 24,93,193 Non SSC 32 14-12-1981 60 Visakh Steel Plant as Showel operator
146 SUTAR D B JR. MAINT. TECH CUM OPERATOR 20,49,892 SSC/SSLC,ITI /NCTVT Fitter 33 01-09-1981 60 Indian Hume Pipe Ltd. Wadala
147 SWAPAN KUMAR SAHA Senior Manager - E and P 57,37,993 BSC,BE(Civil) 33 01-10-1980 60 Atkins Planning/DCL
148 T J MATHAI Sr. Mobile Assistant 16,45,136 HSC/Inter/PUC 21 22-07-1993 60 Indian Army
149 TAMBOLI S G Manager - Operations Planning 49,88,297 BSC 35 09-08-1979 60 E.S.I.S. Hospital, Mumbai
150 TANAPPA GOPAL Operations Superintendent 21,22,505 M.COM 29 16-09-1985 60 Nil
151 TELLIS FRANCES MELVIN Executive Confidential Secreta 44,23,593 BA 40 12-11-1973 60 Frank Sinoes Accounting Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai.
152 THORAT SURYAKANT GUNDA Manager - OM&S (Shift) 41,91,830 BSC 36 20-12-1977 60 Drug Controls Lab, Bandra
153 V NARAYANA RAO CHIEF ACCOUNTS ASST 33,98,621 B.COM 34 18-07-1980 60 Nil
154 VADERA V J Chief Finance Superintendent 34,14,347 SSC/SSLC,B.COM 38 09-02-1976 60 Nil
155 VALENDRA J D GEN SERVICE ASST(SG) 21,57,200 SSC/SSLC 40 15-04-1974 60 Indian Airlines
156 VEERRAJU D SUPERINTENDENT- MAINTENANCE(ELE 40,55,202 Licensiate in Electrical Engg 31 25-08-1983 60 Visakhpatnam Port Trust
157 VIG J P Exe. Confidential Secretary - 50,89,963 M.COM 31 18-05-1983 60 Deptt.of Agri & Coop Ministry New Delhi.
158 VISHWAKARMA JAWAHAR LALL Deputy General Manager - Maint 43,97,329 BSc Engg (Mechanical) 34 28-01-1980 60 Dodsal Pvt Ltd Mafatlal House
159 VISHWEKAR U K General Manager - Shipping 57,67,804 B.COM,LLB,Dip in Shipping 40 01-08-1974 60 Indo NipponTrader Bombay
160 WAGHMARE VITTHAL G GEN SERVICE ASST 12,33,319 Non SSC 29 10-12-1984 60 Nil
161 YADAW J V Chief Finance Superintendent 28,18,639 BA 38 03-05-1976 60 Nil

Annexure - IV


Group Total No. of Employees No. of Women Employees % of Women Employees
A 5,290 470 8.88
B* - - -
C 5,531 389 7.03
D 37 1 2.70
TOTAL 10,858 860 7.92

* HPCL has no posts classified under group ‘B’ as the entry in non-management grades has been re-classified in group ‘C’ effective 1.1.1994.




Company Price Gain (%)
Bharti Airtel349.850.75
Coal India346.750.32

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